Mazatlan Travel Guide

Welcome to the Mazatlan travel guide.

Mazatlan, one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations attracts people year round not just because of the comfortable temperatures but also because of the natural and manmade attractions that make up the city. The top attractions of the area are the beaches in Mazatlan due to the clean waters and beautiful sand. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that there are several beaches in the area so if one is too crowded or the waters feel too rough, you can always grab your beach blanket and head to the next area.


If you’re traveling with friends or with your family, you can take them on plenty of different tours. Let a guide take you through the local museum and teach you about the culture and history of Mazatlan or go outside and have a guide point out some of the local birds and wildlife on a bird tour. When your kids are looking for something fun to do, take them out on the water on a boogie board, a boat or a jet ski. If they want more, you can always take them horseback riding or mountain biking. Don’t forget to take the snorkeling so they can see the fish up close and personal.


Another thing that makes Mazatlan a great place to vacation is the wide array of dining experiences available around the town. From international food to local dishes, there are plenty of new things to try. Dine at one of the fine dining restaurants in town or at your resort or keep it light by grabbing a quick bite from a street side vendor. While you’re out and about, be sure to check out the local stores and tourist shops scattered throughout town.


Regardless of what you end up doing, be sure to book a place either at one of Mazatlan’s beautiful beach resorts or in one of the luxury hotels in town. If you’re on a budget, Mazatlan has plenty of accommodation choices to meet your needs.


Mazatlan Weather and Best Time to Visit


There are two types of seasons in Mazatlan: the dry season and the wet season. The wet season runs from May to September, although the periods with the heaviest amounts of rain are from July to September. During this season, Mazatlan has somewhat uncomfortable temperatures. There is usually high humidity and the temperatures are in the 80s but can feel quite a bit hotter due to the heavy humidity. The dry season, during the winter months of January to March, temperatures stay around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


The best time to travel to Mazatlan is between October to April. The best rates can be found during the summer months but there are reasonable rates in April, just before the summer temperatures begin. Regardless of whether you go during the wet or dry season, it is rare to go a day without some kind of sunlight. Storms typically are short lived unless it is during a tropical depression.


Experience Mazatlan


In order to bring home the ultimate Mazatlan experience, you’ll need to make sure your visit includes a couple of important stops. The first and most important stop should be to one of Mazatlan’s many beaches. After spending some time in the sun and checking out the local waters, your next stop should be a trip to the downtown area. Before you call it a night, your final stop should be at one of the local dance clubs or bars.


The downtown area has plenty of activities to keep you interested and will definitely give you an experience or two that you’ll never forget. Keep your day low key by visiting the museum, the zoo or the aquarium and learn about the regional wildlife. If you’d rather spend the day outdoors, take some time to walk around the downtown and central areas. Not only will you see some historical buildings but you’ll also see some of the more modern changes that have slowly integrated themselves into the city.


While it might feel like you’re getting the most out of your day, don’t go to bed too early. Mazatlan has a very active nightlife scene from dance clubs to local bars. Most of the clubs are located in the Zona Dorada area and don’t have a cover charge. Nearly all of the clubs and bars are within walking distance of each other so don’t worry too much about carrying a lot of cab fare with you. If you’re not into the club scene, spend some time in the local bars. There are a wide range of bars like piano bars and live music pubs so you’ll always be able to find something that suits your mood.