Porto de Galinhas Travel Guide

Welcome to the Porto de Galinhas travel guide.

As one of the most sought-after beach destinations in Brazil, Porto de Galinhas is an idyllic destination to enjoy some outdoor activities on the water, explore some of the beautiful mangroves, and relax at one of the high-end resorts of the region. The region is located in the district of Ipojuca, Pernambuco and is frequently visited by travelers heading to Recife and other destinations around the coast of Brazil. It’s become a popular destination for kitesurfing, sunbathing, diving, and surfing, and is a popular summer vacation destination for locals. The stunning beaches and laid-back lifestyle make Porto de Galinhas a great destination for relaxation and water activities, but you can also find a handful of natural attractions to explore throughout the region.


You’ll find a mix of fairly deserted beaches and some more crowded, tourist-populated beaches throughout Porto de Galinhas. Many first-time visitors enjoy exploring this area by renting a buggy and driving to Pontal. You can find a number of sailboat operators and watersport outfitters around the coast of this destination. If it’s your first time in the region, consider hiring a tour guide or booking a tour package that includes a driving tour of the area, some time at the beach, or a catamaran trip around the region.


Porto de Galinhas is located about 50 miles south of Recife and runs all the way from Muro Alto to the border of Sirinhaem. You’ll find a number of beautiful beaches as you make your way from the northern areas to the south. Muro Alto, otherwise known as “High Wall”, is named so because of the large reef wall that produces some of the most attractive ocean pools (gales) in the area. Many of the resorts in the area are located around Muro Alto and also put you within easy reach of some great diving spots.


As you travel south down the coast, you can visit Camboa beach which is famous for its crystal-clear waters. This is fairly deserted beach and is great for sunbathing and other water activities. Further south is the Praia do Cupe, home to some beautiful coconut groves and summer homes. Many divers head here to make their way to Boca de Barra, a popular diving destination.


The village or downtown area of Porto de Galinhas is home to several affordable restaurants, hotels, and charming village hotspots. It’s also a great place to enjoy some outdoor activities at night. Still, many visitors spend most of their days relaxing on the beaches and enjoying some of the waterfront activities around Maracaipe and other major beaches.


Whether you’re staying in Porto de Galinhas for a single day or for a few days, you’ll be treated to beautiful weather and some great places to eat and drink. Take some time to learn about the different beaches, dive spots, and surfing hotspots so you can make the most of your itinerary.


Porto de Galinhas Weather and Best Time to Visit


Porto de Galinhas is an attractive destination to visit year round. Sunny days are in the forecast for most days of the year and you can enjoy access to ten beautiful beaches and paradise-like views of the region. It stays fairly hot and sunny year round and winter season here runs from June through August. While some days do have cloud and rain in the forecast, you can enjoy plenty of warm weather and sunshine for the majority of your visit. Average year round temperatures range from 24 to 32 degrees Celsius year round. Peak travel season is usually during the winter and early spring months when travelers from colder parts of the world head to Brazil for a winter getaway or to enjoy Carnaval celebrations. If you do travel during Carnaval, be sure to book your trip several months in advance and be prepared to pay higher rates on airfare and overnight hotel stays.


Experience Porto de Galinhas


It’s fairly easy to travel around Porto de Galinhas by car or bus. Many buses have routes that run from Recife and surrounding areas to Porto de Galinhas. You can also rent a car or buggy to explore this region on your own. The town itself is fairly easy to navigate on foot and you can rent buggies from the village with or without a driver to enjoy a stress-free experience.


Porto de Galinhas turns into a bustling beach town during the summer months and boasts a number of outdoor activities and other unique experiences year round. You’ll find a number of attractive dining destinations right along the coast, including some local churrascarias and some popular seafood restaurants. You can make a trip to the natural pools or take a local raft tour to one of the nearby beaches to make the most of your trip. Keep in mind that the reefs are only available at low tide and only for about two hours a day. Be sure to catch some of the sea turtle births during the full moon in the middle of the summer.


Weekends tend to attract the party crowds from around Recife and you can find several great bars and restaurants serving tropical cocktails around the beach on any given day. It usually isn’t very hard to find a good place to drink along the beach and you’ll find several destinations that host live music and others special events throughout the year.


The small town of Maracaipe is located within walking distance of the beach and can be an attractive destination to get away from the noise and bustling atmosphere of Porto de Galinhas. Even further south is a quiet, protected area reserved for seahorse breeding called Recanto de Cavalo Marinho. You’ll also find a handful of even more beautiful beaches further south. Take a short drive further south to visit the areas of Praia dos Carneiros, Toqinho, Serrambi, and other destinations along the coast.


Porto de Galinhas continues to be an attractive destination for sunbathing, relaxation, and water activities year round. Whether you’re planning a summer getaway or want to enjoy a few days of relaxation over the winter months, you’ll find plenty of great things to do around this part of Brazil on any given day.