Porto Seguro Travel Guide

Welcome to the Porto Seguro travel guide.

Located in the southern part of Bahia in Brazil, Porto Seguro has grown to become a premier beach vacation destination and thrives on tourism. The cultural heritage and wildlife in Porto Seguro Bahia have been fairly well-preserved over the years and you’ll also find miles of beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and colorful coral reefs around the region. This part of Brazil is considered to be one of the top beauty spots in Bahia and attracts tourists from around the globe. There really is something for everyone around this region and you’ll find several destinations throughout the area that are well-suited for watersports, sunbathing, and eco tours. Whether you’re visiting Porto Seguro during Carnival season, spending a few hours shopping in the downtown area, or enjoying a sightseeing adventure around town, you’ll find a number of fun and interesting things to do around Porto Seguro on any given day.


The beaches of Porto Seguro are of course some of the most popular attractions in the region. This part of Brazil is surrounded by 53 miles of fine white sand and many of the beaches are well-suited for swimming, scuba diving, and sunbathing. For many people, beaches are the main party destination in Porto Seguro and you’ll find that weekends tend to be very crowded along the coast. Some of the most popular beaches in this area include Praia de Araccaipe, Parracho, Apa-Fogo, and Pitinga. Some of the waters around these beaches are well-suited for sunbathing and water activities, while others are better diving locations and perfect for snorkeling and other water activities. You’ll also find a handful of secluded beaches in this region. One has its very own water park.


You’ll never be at a loss for things to do and enjoy while traveling around Porto Seguro. Many people end up coming here to enjoy their honeymoon or another romantic retreat. Nature lovers head here to make the most of the coral reef system surrounding this destination and explore the wild rain forests and protected tracts of land. You’ll also find some golf courses, bike trails, and other recreational sites throughout this region.


Porto Seguro also attracts party-goers with a sizzling nightlife scene and a number of attractive bars and restaurants around the beach. You won’t want to miss the chance to sample some genuine Brazilian beverages during your trip and can do so by visiting the Passarela do Alcool Passageway. The nightlife scene is alive well into the early morning hours and you’ll find many of the beachfront areas turn into the ultimate party spot during the summer months.


This part of Brazil is also home to a handful of cultural attractions where you can learn about the area’s rich history, visit museums and art galleries, and admire the colonial architecture and sites around the region. Don’t miss the “Discovery” outdoor museum that features a lineup of exhibitions and trails from the region.


Porto Seguro Weather and Best Time to Visit


Like the rest of the Bahia region, Porto Seguro has a tropical climate but this region does experience some seasonal variations. The weather is largely influenced by the warm and humid winds from the sea and by colder winds from the Patagonian side. The driest seasons are in August and September, and in January and February. The windiest months are in September through November. Average annual temperatures in Porto Seguro are 22 to 24 degrees Celsius which is perfect for water activities and sunbathing. The winter season in Porto Seguro is in June, July, and August and this is also the rainy season.


Summer season can be very hot and humid and it’s important to know that the Bahia sun is much more powerful than the European or North American sun. Even though things cool off slightly when the sea breeze flows through the area, it is still very hot and you must wear sun block and lightly-colored clothing at all times. Porto Seguro is a great destination to visit year round but the June through August months can be too hot and rainy for some. August and September are a great time to visit because humidity levels are much lower and you can spend a good amount of time outdoors. Still, you’ll find that hotel rates are slightly higher than the average during these times and you may not be able to get


Experience Porto Seguro


If you’re staying in the downtown area of Porto Seguro, you’ll find that it’s relatively easy to walk around most of the sites and desetinations in the region. You can also take a cab or book a bus tour of the region. Porto Seguro doesn’t have a metro system but it is still fairly easy to get around. The city itself is divided into two main sections. The lower part of the city starts on the northern shore of the river of Buranhem and is the more modern part of the city. This is where you’ll find the famous Passarel do Alcool which was once used as the main transportation route for exporters. Today, this region is populated by several bars and restaurants and has grown to become a premier drinking destination.


The lower part of the city is also a lively place and here you’ll find many peddlers selling regional specialties and snacks, as well as some live entertainment acts. This is also a great place to go shopping and explore some of the local crafts shops and stalls selling handmade goods.


The northern part of Porto Seguro is called the “Upper” city or “Old” city because it is home to several historical sites and monuments. Here you’ll find some fine examples of 16th century colonial buildings and some of the oldest monuments of the region. Don’t miss the chance to see some of the churches, landmarks, and other key points of interest when traveling throughout this region.


It’s generally a good idea to track down the embassy and other tourist sites before you arrive. Most of this region speaks Portuguese so you may find it difficult to find the information you need when you arrive. The Porto Seguro police can be contacted by calling 197. You may also need to track down the American Consulate. The Consulado Americano Porto Seguro serves foreign travelers heading to he State of Bahia and is in Rio de Janeiro.


Whether you’re visiting Porto Seguro to spend a few days at the beach or are looking for some cultural attractions and sites to explore in the Bahia region, you’ll find a wealth of things to do and enjoy around this beautiful part of Brazil on any given day. Take some time to learn about the different regions and attractions around Porto Seguro to make the most of your experience.