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Antalya Beaches - The natural beaches of Antalya are blessed with sunshine 300 days per year and are within easy reach of area parks and attractions. Head to the beach to enjoy an afternoon of sunbathing, boating, fishing and other activities. Popular activities here include wind surfing, water skiing, mountain climbing, caving and hurtling.

Mediterranean Coast Southwest Turkey
Turkish Lira (TL)
547.1 square miles (1417 square km)
Mild winters with average temperatures in the 55-65°F degree range and hot summers reaching mostly upper 80s°F.

Antalya, Turkey

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About Antalya

The fashionable city of Antalya is a popular choice for many Mediterranean vacations and is rich in culture and history. Head to this scenic part of Turkey to enjoy miles of natural beaches, visit citrus fruit orchards and relax at the beautiful parks. Read Less