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St. Lucia Beaches - The secluded white sandy beaches on the west coast of St. Lucia are popular for sunbathing and relaxation, while the waters around the southern part of Marigot Bay are well-suited for boating and catamaran excursions. Visit the casinos, enjoy a snorkeling adventure, picnic on the beach or just head out for a nature walk around the beautiful coast on any given day.

Eastern Caribbean Lesser Antilles
East Caribbean Dollar
238 square miles (616 square km)
Average annual temperature is 82°F. The annual average high is 84°F and the low is 78°F.

St. Lucia, Caribbean

  • St. Lucia, Caribbean - St. Lucia
  • St. Lucia, Caribbean - St. Lucia
  • St. Lucia, Caribbean - St. Lucia

About St. Lucia

Pristine sugar-white sand beaches and shimmering black sandy beaches make up the coastline of St. Lucia, a family-friendly Caribbean destination that has become a popular hideaway for many. Whether you want to explore the charming towns and villages in the area, head off on powerboat ride or enjoy a diving adventure around the waters, you'll always be treated to a paradise-like setting and a wealth of outdoor activities to experience year round. Read Less