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Virginia Beach Beaches - Home to about 35 miles of beaches with waterfront properties and numerous attractions, Virginia Beach is a family-friendly resort destination during the spring through Fall months. Head here to enjoy boating, fishing, swimming and watersport activities around the Chesapeake Bay, head to the tourist area for some great food and catch some live music and entertainment any night of the week.

Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area
497.3 square miles (1,288.1 square km)
Average annual temperature is 60°F. The average low is 51°F and the average high is 68°F

Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia - Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia - Catching a wave in Virginia Beach

About Virginia Beach

The shores of Virginia Beach have attracted countless travelers from around the globe, and it continues to be one of the top family-friendly vacation destinations for travelers looking for a break on the coast of Virginia. Head here for fishing excursions, outdoor adventures, beach activities and a thriving dining scene. Read Less