Set Your Sights On The Attractions Of Aruba

Set Your Sights On The Attractions Of Aruba

attractions of Aruba

One of the best ways to see all the major attractions of Aruba is by taking a guided sightseeing tour, either by land, water or helicopter. Several tour operators in the area offer Jeep tours, helicopter tours, bus tours and guided walks on full or half-day trips around the island. Explore on the Banana Bus or book a guided hiking and snorkeling tour. Take an ATV tour around the island to enjoy some off-road sites and natural attractions around the island.

The Beach

Of course, one of the most popular Aruba attractions is the beach. Since many resorts are located right on the oceanfront, you can enjoy private beach access from your hotel. If you’re not staying on a waterfront property, head off to one of the secluded beaches near the parks and other sites around the island to enjoy some beautiful views.

Natural Attractions of Aruba

Aruba is home to a wealth of natural attractions and parks, so don’t forget to pack your hiking boots and enjoy at least a day exploring some of the lush forests, hills and grottos around the island. Arikok National Park is one of the most popular natural attractions on the island, so the perfect place to see fine examples of Aruba’s flora, fauna and wildlife, enjoy a picnic, or just relax in a beautiful setting. You can also spend a few hours birdwatching or exploring the nature trails here.

Head to Lourdes grotto and the natural pool to see beautiful rock formations, sand banks and scenic sites around the coast. Take a day to explore the caves of Aruba and see the drawings of Arawak Indians. Visit the Huliba Cave, also called the Tunnel of Love, for a unique cave exploring experience. Guadirikir Cave is where you’ll find dozens of bats and interesting rock formations among the stalagamites and stalactites.

Soak up the history

Learn about local history with a self-guided tour of some of the museums and cultural attractions on the island. Kids will enjoy spending the day at the Butterfly Farm or the Donkey Sanctuary. Interested in learning about Aruba’s archaeology and ecology? Then head to the Archaeology Museum or spend a few hours exploring the Numismatic Museum. The Aruba Aloe Factory is the place to learn more about the aloe plant cultivation process and see how aloe is used for different purposes today.

Whether you spend your days exploring the natural wonders, venturing off to the beaches of Aruba, or visiting some of the educational attractions and historic sites, you’ll find several unique attractions of Aruba to add to your itinerary.


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