How to Choose the Best Caribbean Yoga Retreat for You

How to Choose the Best Caribbean Yoga Retreat for You

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Those who know, just know: nothing nourishes your mind and body like a regular yoga practice. And if you’ve decided to take the plunge and dive headfirst into the match-made-in-heaven combo of a longer yoga retreat mixed with the life-resetting power of a Caribbean beach vacation, then you’ll receive the benefits of an intensive yoga workshop plus the sun, sky, and surf. But not all yoga retreats are created equal. In the Caribbean, there’s an option for every taste. Here are our top tips and tricks for choosing the best Caribbean yoga retreat for you.

1. Pampering or camping?

So you want to Zen out and get back to nature all in one lovely retreat? Great! But do you want to lay out under the stars by a campfire at the end of the day, or fall into a 1,000 thread-count sheet set covering a feather bed while sipping lavender-infused sleepy time tea at night? Either can be arranged! For the latter luxe life, be sure to choose a retreat at a luxury beach hotel that offers pampering.

2. What kind of yoga do you crave?

Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin, Iyengar, Somatic… all these types of hatha (movement and breath-based) yoga are related with overlapping parts, but each is guided by a different precise philosophy and practice. It’s a good idea to have some experience with the type of yoga the retreat offers before you attend an intensive workshop on it, unless of course you are attending a retreat designed specifically for beginners.

3. Check out the teachers first

There are thousands of skilled certified yoga teachers out there. Some prefer a focus on the spirituality and meditation components of yoga; some enjoy a focus on the fat-blasting, muscle-building power of an intensely athletic yoga practice. Which are you looking for? The better yoga retreats will list their instructors’ backgrounds and philosophies on their website, as well as a general schedule of the day and classes offered. Check these listings out before you book to ensure you get the balance you’re after.

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