Creative in the Caribbean: Activities for the Adventurous Vacationer

Creative in the Caribbean: Activities for the Adventurous Vacationer


The Caribbean is known for its contagiously relaxing atmosphere, breathtaking scenery, and perfect climate, but that’s just the beginning. It’s a wonderland filled with exhilarating activities that range from fun to extreme. For anyone looking for more daring and exhilarating ways to spend their time in this beautiful part of the world, we suggest trying these exhilarating experiences.

Zip Lining

Zip lining is a memorable adventure that provides the sensation of flight, awe-inspiring views, and a rush of adrenaline. There are several zip line spots in the Caribbean. Two of the most notable are Arena-Line Canopy Zip Line in Saint Lucia and Toro Verde National Adventure Park in Puerto Rico. From hiking to the mountain top jump-off location to swinging through the air over forest and ravine, zip lining is a great way to spend an adventure-filled vacation.


Though not usually thought of as a real surf destination, the Caribbean actually is home to a slew of waves that range from world class to beginner friendly. That means whether you’re a seasoned veteran, only a few years in, or a first-timer, there’s a place in the Caribbean for you. Surfing is a dynamic and challenging activity that can add excitement and flavor to otherwise mellow days.


Parasailing pulls you through the air by a boat while harnessed in a parachute. It’s offered on many Caribbean Islands and is a fun way to see the area you’re visiting. The view from the vantage point of the sky is amazing, while the speed and height get your blood pumping.


Sailing from island to island is one of the coolest and most adventurous tropical activities of all. It requires skill, dedication, at least one savvy partner, and usually a fair amount of rum. When done correctly, it connects travelers with the essence of exploration and adventure. It does take time, money, and commitment, but it offers a truly unique and potentially life-changing multi-day experience.


Waterfalls are mostly thought of as beautiful scenery, but for those looking for something a little more raw, waterfalls provide a unique opportunity. The Caribbean is filled with them, most with ledges of various heights from which to jump off. Of course, the most exciting option is to jump from the top of the waterfall and swoop down with the cascading water. This requires a keen eye; once it’s certain that the landing zone is safe, those with a bit of courage can turn a simple vista into an outright adventure.


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