Nassau Guided Tours, Excursions & Attractions for All Ages

Nassau Guided Tours, Excursions & Attractions for All Ages

Little boy wearing black shirt playing on pirate ship at the Pirates of Nassau Museum

One of the best ways to see all of the major attractions and sites around Nassau, Bahamas is by taking an escorted tour of the area. Escorted tours are available via bus, taxi, bike and air tour. Many guided tours are available to key destinations and sites around Paradise Island as well as outside the major resort areas of Nassau.

Bahamas Jeep Safari Tour

For an alternative to the norm, Jeep safari tours offer the ability to view some of the lesser seen areas of the island. Take a guided tour in a Jeep convoy that’s led by an experienced island guide who can show you some of the scenic areas along the coastal trails of the island. Many safari tours also feature special stops along the way at some of the areas most relaxing or primitive spots. We recommend the Bahamas Jeep Safari Tour by Grand Bahama Nature Tours on Grand Bahama Island. The experience takes about five and a half hours, and includes an off-road segment, a ride across the Grand Lucayan Waterway and some shopping in the Bahamian Arts and Crafts Village. Bring your swimsuit for this adventure, as there’s also time to hop in the ocean at Junkanoo Beach Club.

Coral Cay

Coral Cay is home to an underwater observatory and you can climb up the one-hundred foot viewing tower to enjoy some amazing views of the island. Atlantis is the famous luxury resort located on Paradise Island, and has turned into a Bahamian landmark or attraction itself. A visit to Coral Cay is truly an amazing way to view the island and see all the great sights of Nassau from above.


The Pirates of Nassau Museum

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is the perfect destination to learn about the history of pirates and shipwrecks of Nassau’s history. You can see dozens of exhibits and artifacts firsthand, making this an excellent way to spend the day—especially if you’re interested in learning more about the history of the area. Pirates of Nassau takes you on a Pirate adventure you’ll never forget.

Little boy wearing black shirt playing on pirate ship at the Pirates of Nassau Museum

Pirates of Nassau Museum, Nassau, Bahamas

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre

For children, head to the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre to see over 50 animal species from around the world. Here the children and adults can hand fee Lorikeets, take a journey through the jungle and see some of the most mischievous animals of the island. The zoo is open daily to the public and also offers some interesting shows such as the world famous March of the Flamingos. The Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre is a great way to experience some of the fun sights of Nassau and is especially a big hit with the children.

A blue Macaw bird sitting on a branch underneath a tin roof in Adastra Zoo in Nassau, Bahamas

Adastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre in Nassau, Bahamas

Parliament Square (Rawson Square)

Parliament Square, or Rawson Square, located right across Prince George Whart, is among the many must-see landmarks in Nassau. Take a self-guided tour of old government buildings and other destinations such as The Queen’s Staircase, The Forts, The Caves and The Water Tower on any given visit. Make your way to Arawak Cay to experience the classic Bahamian Fish Fry that includes fried fish, classic Bahamian dishes and conch specialties.

Three pink buildings with green shutters around a statue in Nassau, Bahamas

Parliament Square, or Rawson Square, in Nassau, Bahamas

Adelaide Village

Adelaide Village is the place where many slaves from the larger slave ships first settled into. Here you can learn about the historical side of Nassau. The village offers  a great spot to fish and swim.  Narrow streets amongst the Southwestern Coast of New Providence take you away to an era lost. A visit to Adelaide Village offers some of the best international cuisine in the area making this an excellent stop for food lovers of all ages.

With so much to see and do, Nassau is the perfect destination hot spot. Guided tours, excursions and attractions that are fun for all ages can be found in Nassau. The Bahamas are truly an experience that can be appreciated by everyone in the family.


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