Feeling Adventurous? Experience These 5 Places in Mexico

Feeling Adventurous? Experience These 5 Places in Mexico


Looking for excitement? For every adventure-seeking traveler, Mexico and its diverse geographical landscape offer a surplus of once in a lifetime activities and experiences. Want to swim with sharks? Hike along a mountain range thousands of feet above sea level? Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie at heart, or simply looking to partake in some new and unforgettable experiences on your trip, there’s something in Mexico for you. Take a look at the list below and find out where the action is.

Isla Mujeres

Known by many as the quieter, but still tourist friendly, island off the coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres offers its fair share of unique and adventurous experiences. On the low-key side of things, it’s worth making some new friends at the island’s popular turtle farm. For something more involved, grab an underwater camera and some snorkeling gear and dive off the coast to explore MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) , a contemporary art museum located entirely underwater.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo may be synonymous with resort culture and partying college kids, but it’s also a top destination for deep-sea fishing. If you’ve ever dreamed of catching a trophy fish, this is the place to give it a shot. Many travel to Cabo simply to take on the challenge of catching a marlin.

Copper Canyon

If you want to make your way through one of the deepest and largest canyon systems in the world, you’ll find many biking expeditions geared toward doing just that. Accessed through the northern town of Creel, Copper Canyon offers boundless two-wheel exploration.

The Sierra Norte

This mountain range outside Oaxaca takes days to hike through, with trails and cabins scattered throughout to accommodate visitors, so it’s a terrific destination for seasoned hikers. The stunning sight lines and active, diverse wildlife make for a totally rewarding adventure for those willing to give it a shot.

Isla Holbox

This tiny island north of Cancun would be right at home on a list of places to get away from it all. Visit this little-known destination and chances are you won’t see too many tourists out and about. Come during the summer months and you can snorkel alongside the whale sharks that feed on plankton just offshore. Whale sharks are the world’s largest fish, and their unusual appearance (they’re blue with white spots) make them something to behold. Alternately, you’ll see flocks upon flocks of flamingos on land.


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