This Turks & Caicos Lagoon Looks Like Another Planet
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This Turks & Caicos Lagoon Looks Like Another Planet

The breathtaking island of Providenciales in the northwestern Turks & Caicos is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Often endearingly called ‘Provo’ by the locals, this little island’s mere 98 kilometers (38 square miles) of land is frequented by tourists who are enchanted by its beaches, rugged hills and miles of coral reefs.

One of Provo’s most intriguing natural wonders is Chalk Sound—an ancient turquoise lagoon with some of the bluest waters in the Caribbean on the island’s southwest tip. This fairly secluded spot is perfect for vacationers who want to relax, yet also want to visit a place that looks like a different world. To get there, jet set to Providenciales International Airport, rent a car and look for Chalk Sound Road, which leads right to the sound. Then start your dream vacation with kayaking, paddle boating and diving in this unique paradise!


Courtesy of Tim Sackton

Chalk Sound Is Nature at its Most Beautiful

Part of Chalk Sound National Park, this shallow inland lagoon is a uniform electric turquoise, almost like out of a painting, and separated by a strip of land from the Atlantic Ocean. Once a commercial fishing site, the sound has since become a protected wildlife sanctuary. You’ll see rock iguanas swimming by as you paddleboat in the area, as they still live and breed in the sound’s abundant islets.

When as you land in the nearby airport, you’ll immediately see Chalk Sound’s glowing waters and tropical cays. The algae-free water is so clear that you can see to the bottom and for miles in each direction from underwater. No power boats are allowed, making the already peaceful area serene and quiet.


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Exploring Chalk Sound, Providenciales

If you’re tired from the flight and unsure where to begin, the unspoiled beauty of the sound is stunning enough to fill your vacation. Picturesque Lane (appropriately named) off of South Dock Road has limited parking but some of the best views for photos—just be sure not to litter or take anything from nature or you’ll get a steep fine.

At just barely five feet in some places, Chalk Sound makes the perfect swimming spot for adults and children alike. For divers, the seafloor is clear for miles and filled with underwater company like lemon sharks, barracudas, stingrays and more.

Nearby, Las Brisas Restaurant offers pontoon boat tours and sunset cruises or you can take a sailboat and explore the sound’s numerous cays for a grand island-hopping adventure. Make sure to pack your sunscreen and lots of snacks—the cays offer little shade.


Courtesy of Tim Sackton

Where to Eat & Stay on Chalk Sound

Want to experience Chalk Sound with a drink in hand? Check out Las Brisas Restaurant It sports a deck overlooking the sound and offers one of the best paella dishes in the Caribbean. After dining on the exquisite Caribbean and Mediterranean fusion cuisine, take a short trip across the isthmus to the Atlantic side and visit nearby Sopadilla Bay or Taylor Bay. At low tide, you can collect a plethora of sand dollars and seashells and enjoy the beach.

For places to stay, check out La Vista Azul Resort which features a gelato shop and beautiful pool overlooking the sound, or rent a place in the stunning real estate lining the water, like the luxurious TC Villas. Once the sun goes down, you’re in for a real treat. Light pollution is minimal on Provo, so you can see the night sky (including the Milky Way) in its raw beauty!

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