5 Gorgeous Black Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

5 Gorgeous Black Sand Beaches in the Caribbean


Black-sand beaches! No, these are not the beaches that usually comes to mind when you think of the Caribbean, but the region’s coastline has quite a few of them. Though they are rare, the Caribbean’s exotic black-sand beaches are not impossible to find and are reminders of the region’s volcanic past. If you’re intrigued by the idea of beautiful, warm black sand beneath your feet on your Caribbean vacation, start with these five charming beaches.


Black Point Beach, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Black Point Beach is a popular destination for walking and picnicking in St Vincent and it’s easy to see why. With the blues of the Caribbean, the black sand and the backdrop of lush vegetation of the surrounding hills, this beach perfectly combines mystique with the beauty of the Windward coast. Black Point Beach is worth a couple hours of your time, as it’s a part of the Black Point Heritage and Recreational Park, which includes the Sable River and the historic 360-foot Black Point Tunnel.


Rosalie Bay Beach, Dominica

Courtesy of Randy Kerr

Fringed with palm trees, Rosalie Bay Beach is a great black-sand beach and one of the longest beaches in Dominica. This black-sand beach offers spectacular views of the Atlantic coast. The ambiance is mysterious and mesmerizing, making it perfect for long walks, beach combing, nature lovers or anyone looking to enjoy the natural setting of the island. Plus, it’s a prime spot for sea turtle nesting.


Anse Chastanet Beach, St. Lucia

Courtesy of Anse Chastanet Resort

St. Lucia has a gorgeous dark-sand beach that’s privately owned by the Anse Chastanet Resort, but anyone can access it. The sand here isn’t what you’d typically expect of a black sand beach—it’s more of a dark, silver and golden sand that changes depending on the lighting and whether it’s wet or not.

Anse Chastanet has calm waters for swimming and a lush tropical setting with elegant palm trees and towering green mountains. Some great snorkeling and deep diving adventures are available just off the beach as the waters are part of a marine reserve. Once you’ve had your fill of sun, dine at the onsite restaurant and bar. The almost-black-colored sand of this Caribbean oasis is sure to please.


Saint Pierre, Martinique

Courtesy of Jean & Nathalie

The black-sand beach of Saint-Pierre in Martinique stretches along the town and as proof of the island’s volcanic past. You can catch a great view of the smooth, verdant slopes of the semi-active Mount Pelee lumbering down to the sea in the distance. Swimming is easy here with calm water and few boats, but the beach is rocky so use caution. There are lots of fish and a small reef near the shore, which makes it perfect for snorkeling. Sunrise and sunsets are also beautiful on Saint-Pierre.


Black Bay Beach, Grenada

Black Bay Beach is a secluded black, silky volcanic beach in St. John, Grenada. Its remote location 20 minutes from the main road coupled with the deep-dark sand makes it one of the island’s most wild and exotic beaches. Black Bay is a great spot for swimming and private picnics. Or, if you feel like exploring, there is a cave at the southern end of the beach.

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