Best Beaches in Curaçao & What to Do at Each
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Best Beaches in Curaçao & What to Do at Each

Curaçao boasts a collection of beautiful beaches with 35 cove-style sandy havens around the small Dutch-Caribbean island. But Curaçao’s more than just a pretty face—each beach offers a unique experience and its own brand of breathtaking beauty.

No matter which beach you choose for your ideal day of relaxation, you’ll find traditional Curaçaoan batidos (smoothies), an exhilarating activity and stunning views. Here’s a list of our top picks for your next beach vacation to Curaçao.


Swim With Sea Turtles at Playa Piskado

Playa Piskado is an animal lover’s paradise. Not only is this secluded beach highlighted by sparkling blue water in a picturesque cove, but it’s also where resident fishermen come to haul in the day’s catch and cast off their scraps. Local sea turtles soon caught on to the possibility of a free meal. Now, sea turtles come in droves to feed on what the fishermen leave behind and swimmers and snorkelers alike enjoy their presence as they leisurely float around.

Whether you stick to the beach or go for a dip, you’re sure to spot a sea turtle (or five) at Playa Piskado. Even if you don’t go underwater, you’ll see these too-cute creatures come up to the surface to breathe every few minutes.

Remember: look, but don’t touch. Handling wild animals is unsafe and disrupts the environment.


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Cliff Jump at Playa Forti

Playa Forti is a stunner of a beach on its own, but for those who crave an adrenaline rush, there’s a cliff jumping spot next to the clifftop restaurant just off the side of the beach. Locals and visitors alike know this to be the prime spot for cliff jumping in Curaçao.

At 40 feet high, this jumping-off point is just enough of a challenge for daredevils. Gather your courage and take the leap, then find a spot on the beach to bask in the sun and enjoy the glory of having conquered your fears!

Courtesy of Curaçao Tourism Board

Rent a SUP at Grote Knip

For a truly remarkable beach day, head to Playa Kenepa, which makes up two of the most popular beaches in Curaçao, Grandi (Grote Knip) and Chiki (Klein Knip).

Grote Knip is consistently ranked among the best beaches in the world for its natural beauty; it’s the kind of place you have to see to believe. At half the size of Grote Knip, Klein Knip is a smaller, quieter and more intimate beach, so you can relax in peace. In addition, there’s a coral reef near the beach that’s perfect for snorkeling.

Park yourself underneath a thatched tiki hut on the sand or enjoy swimming, snorkeling and floating in the crystal-clear sparkling water of this cozy cove beach. You can also rent a SUP and explore even more of this spectacular area in Curaçao.


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Snorkel at Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki is a small and somewhat rocky cove of a beach that’s popular for diving and snorkeling. It also has a roped-off area with a floating platform for kids and kids-at-heart. It’s sometimes referred to as the “Alice in Wonderland” beach due to its distinctive mushroom-shaped coral formations.

The nearby snack bar and dive shop make your daily adventures both easy and fully fueled. From Playa Kalki, take the set of steps leading up to the Kura Hulanda Lodge on the bluffs above—it’s the perfect spot for lunch.


Courtesy of Curaçao Tourism Board

Get Away From It All at Jeremi Beach

With no facilities (and of course no entrance fee), Jeremi Beach is one of the more peaceful public beaches of Curaçao. It’s a narrow cove of a beach with coarse sand and volcanic stones. There’s not much shade available, but the view at day’s end is out of this world as the sun sets over the water.

Take the carved-out rocky path from the parking area to the water and enjoy your time at Jeremi Beach.


Courtesy of Curaçao Tourism Board

Meet the Resident Pigs at Playa Porto Mari

Playa Porto Mari is a popular beach for several reasons, most notably its beachside bar and restaurant and the “celebrities,” the local pigs, Willy and Woody.

For even more to do, or when Willy and Woody tire of photos, Playa Porto Mari’s unique “double reef” is easily accessible from the shore and provides a hassle-free snorkel and dive site. Or, landlubbers will love hiking and mountain biking Seru Matteo Trail, History Trail and Bird Trail that begin at the parking lot.

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