Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic


With 800 miles of coastline, the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with neighboring Haiti, has a beach to suit every need. Many of the Dominican Republic’s best beaches are lined with resorts, restaurants, shops and more, so you have any amenity you could need nearby. Whether you want to test your skills on the epic waves that roll in on the island’s north coast or escape to a secluded stretch of sand, we share the best Dominican Republic beaches for your perfect day in the sun.

On the calm Caribbean side, Dominican Republic’s numerous fringing reefs make for great snorkeling from the shore, but not all beaches on the island are safe for swimming and snorkeling. When traveling with little ones, a day at a beach with crashing waves or strong rip currents can turn a relaxing vacation into a high-stress situation. This list starts out with the Dominican Republic’s south coast beaches, where the crystal-blue Caribbean Sea laps gently at white-sand shores, offering a safe, fun and beautiful beach experience for your family. However, big waves and strong currents aren’t all bad—whether it’s your first time attempting to get up on a board or you’re an expert at riding the waves, the Dominican Republic has a surf spot for you, too.

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