10 Best Beaches in Turks & Caicos

10 Best Beaches in Turks & Caicos


Offering an incredible array of beautiful beaches, Turks and Caicos is a small tropical archipelago nation located just south of the Bahamas. With its combination of crystal clear, warm ocean water and abundant marine life, beach lovers will find this idyllic Caribbean destination worthy of being a top spot on their bucket list. The island’s pristine white sand is often tinted with pink, creating a postcard-perfect setting against the turquoise and blue hues that define its coasts.

While Grace Bay Beach is the most famous beach destination in Turks and Caicos, there are secluded shorelines found on every main island in the country, some of which go months without seeing a single visitor. In addition to being diamond clear, the waters here are also very calm, making them ideal for young kids and snorkelers of all ages. From hidden sandbars to kiteboarding hotspots, read on for our picks of the best beaches in Turks and Caicos.


Grace Bay Beach

Courtesy of Turks and Caicos Tourist Board

With its clear waters and soft white sand, it’s easy to see why Grace Bay Beach ranks as one of the best beaches in the world. Considered the crown jewel of Turks and Caicos, this alluring beach is located on the north coast of Providenciales and is part of the Princess Alexandra National Park. This family-friendly shoreline is perfect for sunbathing, swimming and sunset strolls, while parasailing adventures allow you to soak up stunning views of the island from above. It’s also a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts, with its bay protected by a beautiful barrier reef system. Snorkelers should head to nearby Smith’s Reef and Bight Reef for a chance to see colorful fish.

Don’t Miss: If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, you can’t go wrong with The Regent Grand with its oceanfront suites and stunning pool, while the Grace Bay Club has a prime location and impressive kids’ club.


Leeward Beach

Sitting east of Grace Bay Beach on the northeast end of Providenciales, Leeward Beach is a secluded area where you won’t find large luxury resorts but instead an expansive shoreline with bright blue water. Kick back and soak up the tranquil atmosphere of this area or visit the sheltered channels off the eastern side for a day of kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and wakeboarding. If you’ve have little ones in tow, this beach is also ideal for beachcombing and collecting seashells. Join a tour with the family-owned Caicos Catalyst, for a Half Day Private Excursion of snorkeling and island hopping to Little Water Cay to see rock iguanas that only exist in Turks and Caicos.

Don’t Miss: The Leeward channel area where you’ll have access to the uninhabited Caicos Cay, the Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana sanctuary of Little Water Cay, the wetland island of Mangrove Cay and Blue Haven Marina dotted with luxury yachts.


Mudjin Harbour

Courtesy of Turks and Caicos Tourist Board

One of the biggest attractions on the island of Middle Caicos, Mudjin Harbour boasts high limestone cliffs, beautiful white sands and a scenic overlook. It’s where you’ll find Dragon Cay, a small limestone ironshore island that has become one of the most scenic spots in the Turks and Caicos, a favorite with travel photographers and day trippers. This three-mile-long section of beach connects to a walking path that extends from Dragon Cay Resort, which offers a collection of luxury beachfront cottages. You can also admire Mudjin Harbour from the historical Crossing Place Trail with its scenic pathways that lead across the area’s hills and cliffs.

Don’t Miss: The two mysterious caves at Mudjin Harbour, one that is open-faced and fronts the beach and a smaller one at the end of a stone pathway along the top of the cliffs. Nearby is also the Conch Bar Caves, the largest dry cave system in Turks and Caicos.


Long Bay Beach

A famed kiteboarding spot, Long Bay Beach on Providenciales is home to fine, white sand and shallow, turquoise water. Water sports enthusiasts flock to this beach, as the constant eastern trade winds create the perfect conditions for a day out on the water. One of the most remarkable landmarks in this region is La Famille Express, a grounded shipwreck about two miles off the beach. The Soviet oil rig service vessel is a recommended stop for boat charters. Looking for a different type of beach activity? Long Bay Beach is also a picturesque coastline for romantic horseback riding excursions.

Don’t Miss: Trying your hand at kiteboarding. Long Bay is the most popular spot in Turks and Caicos for this water sport, and its crystal-clear water and shallow depth makes it easier for beginners. Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding and KiteProvo are two kiteboarding schools that offer jet ski assisted kiteboarding lessons for all skill levels.


Half Moon Bay

Nestled between the uninhabited and undeveloped Water Cay and Little Water Cay islands, Half Moon Bay is a beautiful beach and sandbar that filled in over time. It’s a top destination for boaters and yacht charters with its picture-perfect lagoon, while it’s also possible to kayak over from Providenciales and enjoy a self-guided tour of the area. Bask in the sunshine, take a dip in the warm waters or set up a picnic and marvel at your surroundings, as the central dune showcases a landscape of light vegetation and casuarina trees that make a perfect backdrop to the beach’s crystal-clear water.

Don’t Miss: Saying hello to the inquisitive Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana that thrives in the coastal bushland and dune environment of this area. Other types of wildlife include herons, ospreys egrets and pelicans, while small juvenile lemon sharks can also be seen swimming in the shallow lagoon.


North Bay Beach

North Bay Beach is an underrated beach destination in Turks and Caicos, often overlooked on the quiet island of Salt Cay. You’ll feel as though you’ve discovered paradise at this uncrowded shoreline, where stark white sand and crystal clear water offer hours of island bliss. Hop in the water and explore the small reefs on a snorkeling excursion or try your hand at paddle boarding, or there’s plenty of perfect white sand real estate for you to bask in the Caribbean sunshine. During the winter whale season, join Crystal Seas Adventures for a whale-watching tour near Salt Cay.

Don’t Miss: Exploring the reefs around North Bay with a mask and flippers. You’ll find an array of fascinating underwater sights at North West Point, near Balfour Town and Little Bluff Lookout. It’s possible to spot schools of bluehead wrasse, yellow sea fans, parrotfish and blue tangs as well as angelfish and Queen triggerfish.


Governor's Beach

Located on the island of Grand Turk between the Cruise Center and Cockburn Town, Governor’s Beach is famed for having some of the clearest waters in Turks and Caicos a part of the Columbus Landfall National Park. Stroll the beach’s wide strip of sand and marvel at its shallow clear water, or sit underneath the shade of a thick Casuarina tree grove with a cold drink from one of the local vendors. Governor’s Beach excellent underwater visibility and ease of access allow you to spot colorful reef fish and the remains of an ancient rock jetty.

Don’t Miss: The free rum shot at Jack’s Shack Beach Bar & Grill, which is also beloved for their signature Jerk chicken, conch fritters and specialty cocktails.


Sapodilla Bay Beach

Sapodilla Bay Beach is a beautiful, 900-foot stretch of sheltered beach that makes an alluring pit stop when exploring the incredible Chalk Sound region of Providenciales. You’ll find calm ocean waters ideal for families with small children, as the coast sits between sheltering hills. Stay in one of the luxury vacation villas nearby, exploring the surrounding coastal cliffs and watch the shiny yachts bobbing at anchor in the bay.

Don’t Miss: Nearby Chalk Sound National Park, home to vibrant turquoise lagoons and hundreds of small limestone islands. Sapodilla Bay features a 50-foot hill with panoramic views over Chalk Sound, while Las Brisas Restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine on a picturesque gazebo.


Pine Cay Beach

Located on the private island of Pine Cay, Pine Cay Beach is a two-mile-long stretch of north coast beach offering the perfect atmosphere for those who want to get away from it all. The Meridian Club is the only resort on the coast, providing a secluded atmosphere with fewer crowds than other beaches in Turks and Caicos. Sandbars connect Water Cay, Half Moon Bay and Little Water Cay, meaning ambitious travelers can find themselves exploring the entire six-mile beach and coasts of these islands. Want a unique photo souvenir? Snap a shot of the Pine Cay airstrip that is located just over the dune.

Don’t Miss: Staying overnight at The Meridian Club, where its beachfront accommodation offers a secluded island sanctuary. In addition to a prime oceanfront location, it boasts a luxurious day spa and complimentary use of non-motorized water sports equipment.


Cedar Point Beach

A remote beach only for the truly adventurous, Cedar Point Beach is located on the far eastern side of Middle Caicos, best reached by 4X4s. Often considered part of Wild Cow Run, this area consists of shifting sandbars, shallow channels and uninhabited cays that create stunning vistas. It’s also home to the densest and largest Casuarina tree forest in Turks and Caicos, offering ample shade from the island’s sun-drenched coastline.

Don’t Miss: Travel east of Cedar Point to find Dickish Cay and Joe Grant Cay, where you’ll find crystal-clear, shallow waters and quiet shorelines ideal for beachcombing.

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