Relax on the Best Beaches in Cozumel

Relax on the Best Beaches in Cozumel

Located just 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen by ferry, Cozumel is a lesser known but equally desirable tropical destination just off Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

With the island’s main economic driver being tourism, attractive accommodations, amenities and entertainment abound. Cozumel is just 51 miles south of Cancún, so expect similar Caribbean beaches and ocean vistas that go on for miles.


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East Coast Beaches

Playa Chen Rio

Playa Chen Rio is a removed but idyllic destination for island hoppers seeking new sights. Locals enjoy this beach for its calm waters and soft winds, while local decks offer beer buckets to keep your thirst satiated and your mood vacation-friendly. What’s more, the pescado frito, or fried fish, sold by the area’s vendors is absolutely delicious. Enjoy the placid water for swimming and snorkeling—it’s naturally shielded by a visible coral reef. Chairs and towels are available for rent, too.

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Playa Bonita

If the well-loved restaurant right on the water isn’t enough to lure you to Playa Bonita, then come for the sweeping views. Enjoy a fish taco on the sand while you take in the rugged coastline with a cocktail. The East Coast of Cozumel is a little less traveled, so if you’re craving a day away from the more touristy spots on Cozumel, then it’s time to grab some local cuisine for lunch and have a refreshing dip at Playa Bonita.

West Coast Beaches

Playa Corona

Winds are a bit stronger on this side of the island, but views here are spectacular and the sand is white as can be. This little beach is a hotspot for cocktails, snacks on the beach and snorkeling. Access the south end of Chankanaab Reef in calm waters where you’re likely to see eel, stingray and exotic fish. Depending on the day, you may see hundreds of tourists or not a single one here, either way, it’s always easy to cool off with a drink and your toes in the sand.


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Playa Uvas Sur

Playa Uvas Sur keeps travelers and families entertained for hours. Pay the entrance fee and you’ll have access to beach chairs, kayaks, snorkel gear and turquoise water. From ready access to a catamaran ride or scuba diving to beachside hammocks and cocktails, this popular tourist spot services all tastes and interests. Kayak along coral reefs, relax on a beach chair or order up a massage.

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