Surfing in Paradise: The Five Best Surf Beaches in the Caribbean

Surfing in Paradise: The Five Best Surf Beaches in the Caribbean


The Caribbean is a treasure trove of jagged coastline with hidden corners harboring world class waves. There are towering waves the literal size of buildings. There’s long, perfectly sculpted point waves and cavernously hollow barreling slabs. The following surf destinations are gems that push the Caribbean from relaxing vacation to a fantasy surf trip in paradise.

Tres Palmas

Tres Palmas is a premiere big-wave surf spot directly in the heart of Rincón, Puerto Rico. Driving down the famous Route 413, a.k.a. the Road the Happiness, drivers can see the glistening mountains of waves come pouring into the coast. Due to the reef, these waves can break perfectly at heights from 20-40 feet in perfect machine-like fashion. It is a wave best suited for very experienced surfers, but all who witness Tres Palmas are captivated by its magnitude and beauty.

Soup Bowls

Barbados is the home of Soup Bowls, located in the town of Bathsheba. This powerful and dynamic wave is one of Kelly Slater’s top three favorite waves in the world. It slabs over a shallow reef anywhere from 5-15 feet, producing a fast-paced tube that swallows people whole before spitting the lucky ones out. It’s located on the island’s less-developed side, adding to its wild aura and making it better suited for those enjoy the raw feel of open ocean energy and remote locations.

Cane Garden Bay

Located on Tortola, Cane Garden Bay is a rare and alluring tropical break. Its appears flawless but breaks over sharp and shallow coral heads, racing into an inside bowl section before pushing out into a deepwater bay that is frequented by traveling yachters. Due to its fickle nature, the locals are constantly on it; any visitors will have to wait their place in the pecking order. But this razor-edged wave is worth it for anyone with the skills and precision.

Apple Bay

Another wave on Tortola, Apple Bay is good for varying levels of surfers and has multiple options. The main wave’s perfect right point also has a short left that breaks off the top of the point, and another right on the opposite side of the channel. Bomba’s Shack is located right on the point, dispelling a noticeably chill ambiance. Surfers here enjoy the vibe, the quality waves, and the experience of comfort in and out of the water.

Maria’s Beach

Back on the northwest corner of Rincón, Puerto Rico is Maria’s Beach. It plays host to several different waves that break over the course of a mile. The top is a right point called Maria’s. This leads into an A-frame peak called Pistons and another A frame peak called Dogman’s. Each is its own quality wave, producing powerful walls and racing hollow sections. The combination of that with the parking lot scene and overall beach vibe make Maria’s a premiere surf destination.


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