Family-Friendly Activities for Your Beach Vacation to Barbados
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Family-Friendly Activities for Your Beach Vacation to Barbados

Barbados has much more than dreamy beaches and luxury resorts. Porous with caves and vivid landscapes, this island shares magnificent scenery with rich history and unique Caribbean culture. On your next beach vacation to Barbados, add these cool adventures to your itineraries.


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Island Safari

Traverse through rugged Barbadian wilderness on an epic island safari. Learn of the island’s culture while taking in an adventurous blend of history and scenery. Discover the floating boulders of Bathsheba, the rocky arches of Little Bay and the spectrum of flora within the Andromeda Gardens. The tour stops frequently to distribute refreshments and ends with a delicious Barbadian buffet. The popular Adventure Safari package takes you to the most scenic areas on the island.


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Barbados is home to many natural wonders—beautiful beaches, lush forest, exotic wildlife and caves. The island has a few crevices under its shell, but a couple of them are ideal for family adventures.

Head to the center of the island for Harrison’s Cave. Navigate twisting tunnels in this unusual underground network. Trickling waters drip into the cave, continuously adding decoration to its natural architecture. Explore this great cavern of mystery for an hour from the comfort of a tram, or, if you feel adventurous, manually descend into the hidden chambers on an eco-adventure tour.

The Animal Flower caveis among the most popular destinations in Barbados. Earning its name from the sea anemones that live within its pools of water, this cave has a breathtaking view of the ocean creating a wonderful photo opportunity.

Atlantis Submarine Adventure

Just beneath the ocean’s turquoise surface, a coral reef flourishes with marine life. Experience this magnificent habitat up close, with the entire family while remaining dry and comfortable in an air-conditioned submarine. Spend 45 minutes underwater on the day, night or sunset tour.


Barbados Wildlife Reserve

See a different side of Barbados on a simple trip to the Wildlife Reserve. Originally designed for conservation and research, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to many exotic species, including the green monkey. Here, the whole family can get up close and personal with some of Barbados’ intriguing wildlife. Observe during feeding time around 2 pm and get a glimpse of turtles, deer and monkeys feasting on fresh fruit.

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