Fine Dining in Mexico: Where you Must Eat on Vacation

Fine Dining in Mexico: Where you Must Eat on Vacation

fine dining in mexico

When you think of the great food capitals of the world, you might pass over Mexican cities in favor of culinary powerhouses like New York City, Paris, Tokyo, or Shanghai. Well, depending on your tastes, you’re going to want to revise and reimagine that list of historically rich food destinations to take Mexico’s recent culinary renaissance into account. Even if you don’t think you like traditional Mexican cuisine (and make sure you don’t make this decision if you’ve only ever had Mexican food in your home country), Mexico has been experiencing a redefinition in luxury culture, bringing some amazing surprises to the nation’s fine dining scene.

La Canica

Stephanie Rafanelli, writing as a food critic for The Telegraph calls this elevated “street food” sensation, “a bromance between Michelin-starred Madrileño Paco Roncero of Sublimotion, the world’s most expensive restaurant, and Guanajuatan chef Bricio Domínguez.” These powerhouse restauranteurs have come together to offer a world-class menu in a relatively casual cantina atmosphere. If you’re anywhere near central Mexico, a trip to this San Miguel de Allende location is a must.

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Biko Restaurant and Bar

Basque-Mexican fusion food, anyone? Even if you’re not familiar with Basque cuisine (it’s a tiny autonomous region within Spain), you’ll immediately feel comforted by what The Telegraph calls its “understated culinary genius.” If the idea of carnitas and foie gras in the same meal piques your interest, make sure you don’t miss this elegant and surprising eatery tucked away in giant Mexico City.

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If an iconic, rural adventure through the villages of Baja, Mexico sounds appealing to you, you’re not alone. While the characteristic simple outdoor grill and picnic tables might not sound like the trappings of a fine dining establishment, they are merely the backdrop for a prix fixe menu that truly shines. Nestled right within a vineyard in Mexican wine country, this little spot in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico is famous among dedicated wine lovers for fresh, delightful fare and local wines. With adventure comes uncertainty, however, as this lovely spot is notorious for opening and closing at the whim of its operators. Usual hours include lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday from June to October.


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