In Cancún? Five Restaurants You Absolutely Need To Try

In Cancún? Five Restaurants You Absolutely Need To Try


Vacationing in Cancún, you’ll find no shortage of exquisite dining options at your disposal. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve prepared this list of five places you absolutely need to try. However, be warned: you will be hungry after you finish reading this.

La Destileria

When you first arrive in Cancún, chances are you’ll be looking for a casual but satisfying place to grab a bite. At La Destileria, you’ll find a little bit of everything – live music, great Mexican food, gorgeous views, and a lot of tequila. It is the ideal spot for easing your way into a Cancún vacation.

La Fonda del Zancudo

This intimate downtown hotspot offers rustic, European-style cuisine off of a small and ever-changing menu of daily specials. Fresh seafood is a must here (though, to be honest, fresh seafood is a must anywhere you go in Cancún), as are the desserts.

La Habichuela Sunset

A dining destination for close to 40 years, La Habichuela is perfect for upscale, authentic Mexican cuisine. You can’t go wrong when choosing from this menu, and the atmosphere of this Cancún landmark doesn’t hurt either. Be sure to sit beneath the twinkling lights that adorn the back patio here if you’re planning a romantic evening out.


Fished directly from the shores of the Yucatan Peninsula, lobster is a delicacy in Cancún – and something you should absolutely try while visiting the area. There’s no better place to try said lobster than the famous Lorenzillo’s, where the savory crustaceans are lovingly prepared in a number of different ways for hungry guests. You can ask for it boiled, steamed, grilled, or better yet -served in a massive taco with rice, beans and guacamole.

Parque de las Palapas

Not a restaurant, per se, Parque de las Palapas is still one of the more affordable and delicious dining destinations in all of Cancún. This park, a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike, is home to a number of street vendors serving authentic Mexican cuisine. Here, you’ll find massive tortas (Mexican sandwiches served with the meat of your choice), mouthwatering tacos and more made to order and served fresh from the griddle. You can follow your stomach, or you can consult our Mexican street food guide here.


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