Private Islands You Can Rent in the Caribbean

Private Islands You Can Rent in the Caribbean


It’s the kind of life some people only dream about—a private island with all the amenities you could ever need, in total seclusion with just your favorite people surrounding you. The wind in your hair, the sand between your toes…sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Now it can all be yours. While it may be a tad bit out of your price range to purchase your own private island, staying on one is not as expensive as you’d expect. If you dream of this luxury lifestyle, check out these amazing private islands for rent throughout the Caribbean.


Bird Island

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Let’s start with the ultra-affordable. Off the shores of Belize, situated in the turquoise Caribbean waters, Bird Island stands out like a hidden gem, one that can be yours for under $500 a night. Given that the island sleeps six, if you split the cost a few ways between friends, you’re looking at an easy choice. With very high Airbnb ratings, the island has been featured in Airbnb ad campaigns and in a number of international publications. The perks? You’ll enjoy beach essentials (like snorkeling gear), WiFi (if you can be bothered to check your email), cooking basics and maybe even a fishing excursion with one of the housekeepers if you’re lucky!


Necker Island

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If it’s good enough for Virgin owner Richard Branson, it’s good enough for us. Necker Island is available for rent to celebrities, royals and, of course, you. It’s located between Tortola and Anegada and offers several residences plus a main villa. Providing ultimate luxury, this one’s more on the outrageously expensive side than Bird Island, at around $25,000 to $80,000 per week, but think of it this way—with the average couple spending about $30,000 on a wedding, why not just skip the ceremony and have the honeymoon of a lifetime on your own private island?

The property features outdoor jacuzzis, balconies, private pools, outdoor lounges and more. In addition, chef-prepared meals and activities like tennis, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking and more ensure your vacation is both thrilling and effortless. The property is available through Vladi Private Islands, which offers plenty of other Caribbean private island rentals if Necker Island doesn’t suit your fancy.


Little Whale Cay

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If you would still like a staff to cater to your every whim, but don’t have $80,000 to cough up, Little Whale Cay may be right up your alley. In the Bahamas, it goes for about $14,000 per night and has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, hosting up to 13 of your favorite friends. Split 14 ways, you’re only paying $1,000 per night. The luxury island has three villas, plane access from Florida and Nassau, a staff of 13 people (your own chef and your own masseur), a private airstrip, a private harbor with boats included, an infinity pool, yoga deck, gym and more. There’s even your very own church!


Oswego Island

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If that’s still a bit out of your price range, head to Bermuda for a private island that starts at $1,250 per night and hosts up to six adults and two children. The award-winning accommodations receive high praise for stunning architecture and design and you can choose between having staff or not. Activities range from scuba diving to historical boat tours and you’ll have your very own fueled-up boat for the duration of your stay. Plus, a game room and home cinema ensure you have as much fun indoors as you do out.

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