48 Hours of Romance in The Bahamas

48 Hours of Romance in The Bahamas


The best plans often come from following your impulses, and sometimes the best way to do that is to go on a last minute weekend getaway. That said, a spontaneous weekend away leaves very little time for mapping out an itinerary, and you have to plan wisely if you want to avoid spending any of those precious hours consulting your phone for things to do. So, if you and your partner do decide to fly out to the Bahamas for a 48-hour jaunt, how can you make the most of the time you’ll spend there? Well, we’ve got it covered. Here are two full days of fun, relaxation and, most importantly, romance.

Day 1

If you’ve come to the Bahamas, chances are you’re probably most eager to get to the beach. Here, there’s no wrong time to go – and we wouldn’t blame you if you planned on spending your entire weekend watching the tide roll in.

Depending on where you stay, most resorts will offer a quality breakfast with spectacular views of the water, which is a great start to a morning spent watching the waves. Since this is a romantic weekend, you’ll want to head to Dune, which has an amazing breakfast buffet by acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten; the views are unparalleled.

After your meal, walk along the water on nearby Paradise Beach, then spend the time leading up to lunch perusing the shops in Nassau. One of a kind craft items can be found at the charming Craft Cottage, while across the way you can consider bringing home a piece of fine art from the colorful Doongalik Studios and Art Gallery.

Head north to the waterfront and decide what type of lunch you want: Twin Brothers to try the local conch in a refreshing salad (with one of their famous daiquiris, of course), or Moby Dick Restaurant and Bar to try the specialty battered and deep fried seafood.

Spend the afternoon snorkeling or scuba diving, or perusing the exotic birds at the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center, then cap the night off with a laid back fish fry at King Restaurant and Bar. Order a Sands beer, sip, and repeat.

Day 2

The first 24 hours are for activity, allowing for maximum relaxation on Day 2. Grab a quick bite at your hotel and enjoy a morning admiring the luxurious white sands of Cable Beach.

After you’ve had your fill of beach time, have lunch along the water. You’ll come across a few tasty options – like the authentic Goldie’s Conch House – if you walk east towards downtown Nassau.

Spend the rest of your afternoon getting pampered at The Spa of Eden, and close out your day with a patio table at the elegant Brussels Bistro.

End your trip with a drink or two at John Watling’s rum distillery, where you can taste rums unique to the island and toast a weekend well spent.


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