Some of the most popular destinations for a beach vacation include the Caribbean, Florida, California and Mexico but beach vacations don't end there. Plenty of beaches can be found in Greece, France, Spain and beyond. From the world's best party beaches where the fun literally never stops to the most relaxing and tranquil spa locations, beaches continue to provide an ample mix of fun, pleasure, relaxation and the most exquisite natural scenery.

Many beach hotels and resorts offer guests more than just a place to sleep at night. Some feature activities, wedding venues, conference centers, and luxurious spas. The most popular beach hotels and resorts even offer all-inclusive vacation options that allow visitors to enjoy every luxury the resort has to offer for one flat price that is paid up-front when the traveler checks in. These all-inclusive beach vacations have become a popular way for couples, families and even solo travelers to enjoy vacationing at the beach without worrying about the costs associated with such a vacation.

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