3 Best Ziplining Spots in Mexico

3 Best Ziplining Spots in Mexico

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Is heart-pumping action part of your Mexican vacation wish list? We got you! You can get your thrills while exploring gorgeous jungle, cliff, or ocean scenery at the same time by clipping onto the wire at one of Mexico’s famous ziplining spots. From intrepid explorers to first-timers, everyone will end the day smiling.

Best for the Bucket-Listers

Are you in search of the next impressive adventure to cross of your list? Are you the type to want to climb the highest mountain just because it’s there? Then get yourself to Puerto Vallerta and hop on the ziplining tour run by Vallarta Adventures.

Not only does the tour in question include a challenging hike along with more than one zipline ride, its signature zipline boasts the title of “longest zipline in Mexico,” at nearly 4000 feet long. That’s about three quarters of a mile taken at speeds of around 60 miles per hour. Sounds like an adventure!

Best for Killer Views

How does ziplining over a waterfall sound? Or maybe you would like to float above the jungle canopy, or maybe even dip underground in a cave? Head to the Xplor adventure park in beautiful Riveria Maya. They have 14 total ziplines with jungle, water, and cave views, the highest of which is “45 meters above the ground and the lowest descent is eight meters underground.”

Best for the Kids

It’s pretty common to see regulations prohibiting kids or adults under 100 pounds or so from getting on a typical Mexican Zipline, unless they agree to go strapped to a guide. But at the Kids Adventure Park at Las Caletas, there’s a tree top canopy zipline designed especially with kids from ages “four to eleven,” in mind. In addition to the special zipline, there are other kiddy activities, including a petting zoo and jungle climbing alongside monkeys. Kid heaven!


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