Heal Your Mind: Top 5 Beach Yoga Retreats in Mexico

Heal Your Mind: Top 5 Beach Yoga Retreats in Mexico

Beach Yoga Retreats in Mexico

Mexico has long been one of the top destinations for US dwellers looking for warm seas, great food and relaxation. Now, yoga retreats are on the menu and Mexico isn’t getting left behind. Mexico is the perfect place to enjoy a yoga retreat. Why? It’s a beautiful country with idyllic beaches, friendly people and a rich, varied history. It’s also easy to get to, especially from the US. As a result, it’s an ideal destination for yoga retreats. To top it off, Mexico is generally better value than many other tropical locations. So let’s explore the top 5 beach yoga retreats in Mexico that will have you saying, “Namastay in Mexico”!

Xinalani Yoga Retreat, Puerto Vallarta

Jet over to Xinalani Retreat and spend 8 days deepening your yoga practice whilst eating delicious healthy meals, meeting new people, and exploring this tropical paradise. Practice mindfulness and quiet, or bring out your adventurous side with zip lining in the jungle, snorkeling and surfing. Choose from a shared or private room, or treat yourself to a chic eco suite for an off-the-grid experience. This is a proper retreat for body and mind.

Acuatic Lofts, Tulum

At Acuatic Lofts, spend 6 days unraveling, stretching and restoring next to the white sand beaches and clear aquamarine waters of Tulum. Enjoy daily yoga classes in various practices from Hatha to Vinyasa flow and Yin. You can personalize your retreat to fit your taste. Once you’re finished with your daily classes, make the most of the complimentary diving and snorkeling discounts offered by the resort.

Casa Om, Tulum

Head to Casa Om for an unforgettable experience, with 8 days of yoga practice overlooking the ocean, gourmet dinners by night, and Bikram yoga classes in the specially designed hot room. As you’re cooling off in the sea afterwards, you can thank yourself for booking this retreat. Truly one of our favourite beach yoga retreats in Mexico.

The Sanctuary, Tulum

To enjoy the lasting benefits of meditation, energy, creativity, and joy, The Sanctuary is the right place for you. Comfortable, welcoming and charming, the Sanctuary works with Osho traditional experts on healing and cleansing your body, spirit and mind. These sessions will help you “find the person you want to be” and leave you rejuvenated and renewed. Enjoy a traditional temazcal session, daily yoga, healing foods, and juices, with 10 guided meditation sessions during your 8-day trip.

Haramara Retreat, Sayulita

Take part in daily yoga practices, meditation and relaxation at Haramara Retreat in beautiful Sayulita. This entirely hand-built retreat center offers yoga, therapeutic wellness treatments and daily vegetarian meals made with locally sourced ingredients. When you’re not meditating or practicing yoga asana, head to the infinity pool or private beach for relaxation with a view.


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