Visit These 7 Historic Sites on Your Next Beach Vacation

Visit These 7 Historic Sites on Your Next Beach Vacation

History lives in some of the most unlikely locations—even in sunny, laid-back, tropical destinations like the Caribbean islands. From Havana, Cuba to St. George, Bermuda and beyond, the history of the region is fascinating.

Due to their history of colonialism, the islands have many incredible sites worth exploring today with most still having strong British, Spanish and Dutch influences. From colonial-era towns to Mayan ruins, you can relive the Caribbean’s long, adventurous and blended past.


1. Old Havana, Cuba

Old Havana is the historical center of the Cuban capital and at first glance, the neighborhood looks like a city stuck in time. Most of the district buildings have that Spanish colonial feel, which is apparent in its Spanish arches, finely stained glass windows, baroque and neoclassical architecture. Other alluring charms of Old Havana are the well maintained classic cars from the 1950s, found driving all over the city.

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