8 Nudist Beaches For Going Au Naturel In the Caribbean & Mexico

8 Nudist Beaches For Going Au Naturel In the Caribbean & Mexico


Nude beaches are found across the world, but not everyone is comfortable with them. For example, even though the United States has several nude beaches, many Americans believe nude beaches are inappropriate and dirty. While many Europeans see nude beaches as a normal, everyday thing. Of course, there is no right or wrong and the reservations make sense, but many naturists visit nude beaches to feel good their skin and avoid tan lines rather than ogle other bodies. The goal is to do whatever makes you feel happy and free.

Topless beaches are common on many of the Dutch and French Caribbean islands, while islands with British influence are culturally more conservative. In the Bahamas, for example, locals will frown at you for wearing a bikini anywhere but on the beach. If you want to go au naturel, these are the best and safest nude beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico.


Playa Zipolite in Oaxaca, Mexico

Photo Courtesy of Hans J Lachinger

Oaxaca’s Playa Zipolite is the only public nude beach in Mexico. This secluded paradise is clothing-optional and friendly. Travelers new to the naturist lifestyle will rejoice to know that Playa Zipolite is safe from creepy stares or judgment. In fact, people walk around naked freely here. Hotel Nude is located right on the beach and offers an outdoor swimming pool with a terrace, as well as bar service in the pool and beach area. Enjoy some of the finest international cuisines at Hotel Nude’s on-site restaurant or enjoy Playa Zipolite’s other restaurants and bars. This is the perfect beach to relax and unwind, but be careful in the water, as the waves and riptides here get pretty strong.


Orient Bay Beach in St. Martin

Photo Courtesy of cforf

This clothing-optional beach on French St. Martin’s ultra-luxurious south coast is part of Club Orient, a famous nude resort. You can walk around in the nude at the resort’s swimming pools, water sports center, yoga classes and even on-site restaurants. Visitors especially love dining at The Bikini Beach Bar and the newly reopened Kontiki. The two-mile, white-powder-sand beach is protected from the Atlantic waves by a reef and the sea bottom has a gradual slope. You will love the water sports options like jet skis, sailing boats and paragliding or simply swimming and snorkeling.


Grande Saline & Anse du Gouverneur in St. Barth's

Photo Courtesy of Jérémy RONDAN

These two nude beaches are right next to each other on St. Barth’s southern end and are a favorite place for European travelers. Nude sunbathing and body-surfing are the norms here and you won’t get any odd stares. This is a quiet beach with not too many people, but be prepared to bring your own snacks, towels, sunscreen and chairs. There is little to no shade here, no snack bars and no bathrooms. The beach, however, is stunningly beautiful with a dramatic tropical setting and crystal-clear, swimming pool-like water. It is recommended to rent a jeep to drive around St. Barth’s, as the island is so small it’s difficult to get lost. Check out the Eden Rock Hotel and Restaurant in St. Jean, which features a beach bar, bistro and restaurant with ocean views. Topless bathing here is okay, but you won’t see people walking freely in the nude like on St. Martin.


Hawksbill Bay in Antigua

Photo Courtesy of Caribbean

The only nude beach on Antigua is located on the crescent-shaped public Hawksbill Bay. Be aware that the beach itself is divided into sections and one of them is reserved for naturists. There are no amenities, just tranquility and excellent views of the water. New naturists will be glad to know that Hawksbill Bay’s nude beach is frequently nearly deserted, and the staff is very laid-back and polite. This nude beach is actually right on the grounds of the adults-only Hawksbill Bay by Rex Resorts, which features three other white-sand beaches. Hawksbill Bay by Rex Resorts is low-key and vintage, with ocean-view bungalows, an on-site restaurant and all-inclusive packages.


Couples Tower Isle in Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Photo Courtesy of Eve

This private island hideaway with its own beach is a vacation getaway for naturists located about 100 yards offshore from Jamaica. Guests will step off the boat and relax in a clothing-optional pool, clothing-optional cabana bar and nude beach. Couples Tower Isle was a playground for 1950s Hollywood celebrities. These days, the island still exudes that unique high-class sophistication mixed with laid-back Caribbean charm. Visit the wide beach in the nude or go snorkeling in the coral reef. Be sure to book your trip with the LoveAway package and have a Miami Vice at the pool bar. Some areas require clothing, so make sure to get all your information at the front desk when arriving. Even if you’re not into the au naturel lifestyle, you’ll be guaranteed a good time—just hang out in the parts of the resorts where wearing clothing is a requirement.


Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica

Photo Courtesy of Idee Per Viaggiare

Negril has a completely laid-back lifestyle and the same goes for its most famous beach. Topless sunbathers are the norm here, but going nude is actually most common at Seven Mile Beach’s many private beachfront establishments, like its famous Hedonism resorts and the newly refurbished Grand Lido Negril. Grand Lido Negril is a good option for new naturists, as it is a high-end au naturel property located right on the water with its own nude beach. It offers premium suites complete with ocean views and butler service leaving guests feeling protected and private. The secluded au naturel pool is only available for guests and the resort has its own Reggae Bar and Grill. Make sure to get dressed when wandering over to neighboring resorts and some of Negril’s excellent international eateries, as these are not clothing-optional. Negril is a heaven for foodies, as you’ll find anything from seafood establishments, steakhouses, trattorias, sports bars to Tex-Mex selections here. Be aware that nude sunbathing on public beaches is actually illegal in Jamaica, even though many beach-goers there do it.


Hidden Beach in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Gorman

Located just 30 minutes south of world-famous Cancún, this couples-only resort in the Riviera Maya has its own secluded private beach. Hidden Beach is unique in that it is managed by one of Riviera Maya’s top all-inclusive operators, Karisma, and is one of the few au naturel resorts with a serious gourmet atmosphere. Experience state-of-the-art swim-up pools with direct pool access and a balcony view of the ocean. Guests can walk around in the nude even to the resort’s world-class restaurants. Be aware that the surrounding, public beaches are clothing-only as well as the resort’s neighboring hotels. Save up to 20% when you use the resort’s It’s Always Summer, But Au Naturel Package. Or, if you’re planning on tying the knot in a unique way, take a look at the resort’s Au Naturel Wedding Package.


Booby Cay Island in Negril, Jamaica

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While Jamaica has many nude beaches, this little islet is a relaxing and secluded option for naturists who don’t like being near crowds or busy resorts. Booby Cay gets its name from the booby birds that use this island as their nesting grounds and is often called “Gilligan’s Island” by the locals. This little tropical paradise is just a few minutes by water taxi or ferry from Negril, Jamaica. Be aware that there will be little amenities on the islet, but luckily some of Negril’s world-famous restaurants are just a few minutes away by water taxi. Afterward, consider staying at one of the adults-only resorts at Negril’s West End, like the laid-back, classic Catcha Falling Star Resort. Or, if you feel like staying in a livelier area, check out the adults-only luxury resorts in Bloody Bay.

Royal Caribbean Cruise docking

Photo Courtesy of Soma Biswas

Other Naturist Places

Naturists who would like their whole trip to be in the nude will appreciate the few charter yachts in the Caribbean that specialize in nude cruises. The Billy Jean of Endless Summer II sails out of various ports from the British Virgin Islands and Castaways Travel offers multiple clothing-optional cruises, from catamaran to tall sailing.

Nude beach entering into a clothed area

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Tips For a Safe Experience

  • Even if a sign says the beach is clothing-optional, always make sure you feel safe. Keep your clothes on until you’ve been on the beach. Look up online reviews if you’re not sure.
  • Research naturist resorts, as they can cater to you more specifically than a nude beach and will also have clearer policies. Also, naturist resorts usually contain their own private nude beaches.
  • Don’t stare, point, gawk or giggle—it’s something to get used to, but you’ll attract more attention and discomfort doing this than going nude on a nude beach.
  • No photography—never take photos without anyone’s permission. This is especially true if the people in your photos are naked. Many naturist beaches actually prohibit photography.
  • Research which public areas to go naked in—even at nudist resorts, some areas may require clothing, like parking lots, cafes, shops and so on. Always ask at the front desk if you’re not 100% sure.
  • It’s a misconception that nude beaches are just for naturists. You can go clothed, semi-clothed or fully nude.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen—and lots of it!
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