Eat Like a Local on a Puerto Vallarta Food Tour
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Eat Like a Local on a Puerto Vallarta Food Tour

Puerto Vallarta is known as a gourmet destination on Mexico’s glittering Pacific coast. Of course, the luxury restaurants and all-inclusive treats are delicious, but what if you want something different, a little more authentic and locally grown? A Puerto Vallarta food tour sounds just up your alley.

There are a variety of walking tours of Puerto Vallarta (a.k.a. PV), where you can eat where the locals eat, soak up the flavors and smells, and meet local food heroes. Most tours are around three hours, and Vallarta Food Tour guides like to say that you can become a local in that timespan! If walking isn’t your thing, there’s even a biking version. Book one of the following food tours at the start of your Puerto Vallarta beach vacation so you have a feel for the area around you, the history and the food you want to get more of during your stay!

Fresh local tacos on a Vallarta Food Tour

Courtesy of Vallarta Food Tours

The Original Tour

In the heart of Vallarta, this three-and-a-half-hour tour features eight locations with a maximum group size of 60 split into groups of 20. In addition to visiting an authentic tortilleria, where tortillas are baked,  you’ll learn how to dress a taco the local way and dine on fresh tortilla soup, ceviche and more.

Bikes & Bites

If you aren’t into walking, try cruising down Vallarta’s famous Malecón boardwalk and downtown on a comfy bike with a small group of eight. On this three-hour trip, you’ll sample tacos from family-owned restaurants and local stands. Some visitors like that by bike you can cover a wider area than on a walking tour. Plus, the tour culminates on the beach with a bucket of beer—how much better can it get?


This cocktail and tequila tour takes you to five of the best watering holes in Vallarta to sample the native spirits of Mexico and learn about what they mean. Tequila, Mezcal, Kahlua and Raicilla not to mention Mexican beer (cerveza) all make an appearance but don’t worry, they’re paired with tasty bites to absorb the alcohol.

A man enjoying a bite of food on his Vallarta Food Tour

Courtesy of Vallarta Food Tours


This evening adventure is the tour for taco lovers. Strolling the streets of the Emiliano Zapata and the Cinco de Diciembre neighborhoods you will be immersed in the street food that comes out at night. This tour focuses on tacos but also features a marlin quesadilla.

A fresh seafood dish topped with sauce, onions and avocado on a Vallarta Food Tour

Courtesy of Vallarta Food Tours

Seafood Lovers’

Speaking of marlin…since local seafood is a huge part of the cuisine of the seaside city, most of these tours include some type of seafood. This tour takes that to the next level, focusing on fresh-caught seafood at each of the stops through Old Town Vallarta. This walking tour takes up to 10 people to the pier, market and Muertos Beach. You’ll never forget the taste of the freshest of ceviches and grilled calamari!

Hot sauce being poured on a fresh taco on a Vallarta Food Tour

Courtesy of Vallarta Food Tours

Pitillal Tour

This tour visits nine locations in the Mexican pueblo of Pitillal. This community 10 minutes from downtown Vallarta is a small town that has been surrounded by the growing city of PV but maintains its traditional, rich character. This is the perfect tour to try regional cooking styles and go off the beaten path with a local guide in a fascinating town less frequented by tourists.

None of the tours above hit the spot? Create your own custom tour by contacting Vallarta Food Tours and they will help create a route just for you.

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