Where to Try the Most Creative Margaritas in Mexico

Where to Try the Most Creative Margaritas in Mexico


When visiting Mexico, you’ll find there’s a bounty of locally-made tequilas. While we encourage you to try some of these spirits “straight up”, without any mixers, chances are you’ll find yourself craving a margarita. After all, what better way to test out one of Mexico’s most famous exports than in its most popular drink! Served frozen or on the rocks, and mixed with any number of sweet or savory ingredients, the margarita is known for its variety of options and visual appeal—and it’s especially true in Mexico.

Here’s a list of some of the most creative takes on the margarita for your next vacation to Mexico. ¡Salud!

Helado Obscuro Bar

You scream, we scream, margaritas and ice cream? While there are many Helado Obscuro stores that serve only ice cream, the Zona Rosa branch in Mexico City makes a number of creative cocktails with their frozen treats, including refreshing margaritas. The drinks here are also impressively decorated—like tiny, fancy milkshakes—so be sure to snap a photo for Instagram with your favorite one.


Puebla 109

This trendy bar with excellent food underlines the flavors of a classic margarita with a subtle and smoky twist in Mexico City. The spicy salt and eucalyptus-smoked passion fruit mingle with the traditional lime, tequila blanco and cointreau, for a drink that both intrigues and delights your taste buds.

Dulce Patria

Considered one of the best restaurants in Latin America, Mexico City’s Dulce Patria takes typical Mexican menu items and flips them into creative, modern and unforgettably delicious creations. Their approach to their namesake margarita is no exception. It’s an eye-catching, bright pink frozen beverage topped with a cactus flower and rimmed with golden sugar. Certainly, the colorful cocktail your Instagram followers have been waiting for!


La Destileria

This small chain of restaurant/tequila distilleries has locations in both Cancún and Toluca and is a “must visit” if you find yourself in either city. Take a tour and see how they make tequila before having it mixed in the chilled margarita of your choice.


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