11 Jamaican Restaurants to Get the Perfect Instagram Shot

11 Jamaican Restaurants to Get the Perfect Instagram Shot


Finding food while on vacation in Jamaica can be overwhelming—there’s so much to choose from! Insta-lovers will want to visit the coolest spots with the most vibrant, snap-worthy food as well as backdrops and locations while they’re traveling.

This list features a variety of restaurants, styles and price points, including fine dining, local cuisine, street food, vegetarian options, budget options and a historic dessert spot. Grab this guide and your selfie stick and get going!


Kushites Vegetable Cuisine, Kingston

The photoshoot spot for: Veggie trendsetters

For dish after ‘grammable dish, this is the spot. Featuring all vegan options, every photo from this place is guaranteed to make mouths water and say, where can I get that?


Many people think of removing things from their diet when they think of vegetarian or vegan meals, but this veggie hot spot in Kingston totally challenges that concept. Once you see the spread at Kushites Vegetable Cuisine, all you can think about is how many options there are and how gorgeous & varied the natural array of colors in front of you looks.

Jamaica is as famous for its flavorful tropical produce as for its jerk chicken. Freshly grown delicacies like yam, okra, plantains, breadfruit and ackee are prepared & seasoned to the tee.

Vegans and non-vegans alike will love their non-dairy yogurt, fruit and granola parfait for a pick me up.


Don’t hesitate to check out this place for a luxurious, multi-course meal as well! We can’t stress enough the love being shown on social media for the beauty of this restaurant’s food and how it brings people together.


Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Negril

The photoshoot spot for: Those who take the road less traveled


This next spot is one you’ll need a boat to reach! Located a mile off shore, Floyd’s is one of the most unique bars in the world. Largely made of driftwood in the middle of the ocean, you have to visit to believe the beauty of sipping a beverage while completely surrounded by water and friends.

Arriving at night? Don’t worry, a small windmill powers the lights at night so the party can go on until…when? Well, there are no official hours. But they often party late in this corner of the ocean.

Don’t forget to bring your own old license plate or flag to decorate the bar.



Seagrape Terrace, Montego Bay

The photoshoot spot for: Vintage lovers and quaint cuties


This beachside option is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but you’ll get a stunning photo amid the draping sea grapes and bistro-style tables. Try a wide selection of dishes from their buffet or a la carte menu that features steaks, seafood, numerous salads and a favorite of many, Jamaican pumpkin soup. Seagrape Terrace is by the ocean at Half Moon Resort’s two miles of private beach. It’s an open air location with a bit of glam, so don’t be afraid to dress up your favorite OOTD for the visit!

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Juici Patties, All Over Jamaica

The photoshoot spot for: Fast foodies—island style


Smiling with a patty in hand? No need to add a location tag because everyone will guess you’re in Jamaica while holding this snack!

Though it was founded by a 16-year-old boy in his mom’s kitchen, Juici Patties has since grown to have restaurant locations in all 14 parishes of Jamaica, so you can find a spot for these addictive deep fried meat and vegetable pies no matter what area you stay in.

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Devon House I Scream, Kingston

The photoshoot spot for: History buffs and kids at heart


Want to indulge your sweet tooth, soak up some history and find a perfect spot for a photo sesh? Do all three at the Devon House, the 19th-century residence of George Steibel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire. Built in 1881, this mansion holds a ton of history, as well as a courtyard with a variety of small shops and restaurants, but what keeps people coming back is their ice cream! Devon House constantly ranks among the best ice cream in the world.

Don’t know what flavor to try? Jamaica takes its rum very seriously, and Devon House’s rum raisin is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Choose one of their pastel waffle cones which are made daily to bring an extra color pop to your photo:


Once you’ve got your scoop of rum raisin, Devon Stout or mango flavored ice cream, head outside onto the grounds. From the sprawling porches to the perfectly manicured lawns, you will find a variety of options to pose with your cone for an insta-editorial.


Rick’s Cafe, Negril

The photoshoot spot for: Adventure lovers and thrill seekers


Rick’s Cafe is one of Jamaica’s most famous spots. It has a bar and restaurant, but the real attraction is the location—stunning cliffs where visitors jump from a variety of heights into the turquoise-blue water below. If you don’t want to cliff dive yourself, you can snap a photo and leave a tip for one of the professional cliff divers who dive from the trees above the cliffs, a height of 60 feet or higher!

Though Rick’s has been thoroughly destroyed—twice—by hurricanes Gilbert and Ivan, it has been rebuilt each time and continues as one of the most famous spots to visit in Negril, Jamaica. At sunset, it’s packed with onlookers, but this view is really not to be missed.



The photoshoot spot for: Candlelit shots with bae


Located in a rainforest in the side of a mountain, Bushbar is the place to take a date or a group of friends for a chic night out. Upon arriving, soak up the sexy atmosphere surrounding you and enjoy a cocktail amidst the lush vegetation and forest to ocean view. At the renowned Geejam Hotel, this spot highlights natural beauty with sophisticated accents.

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Martha Brae River Rafting, Trelawny

The photoshoot spot for: Water babies and Insta-models


This spot allows you to take an adventure and a photo at once. The newest popular pose in Jamaica for stylistas is to lounge on a raft traveling down the Martha Brae River. While not technically a restaurant, one of these rafts could help elevate your instafood game. It’s practically impossible to visit Jamaica without posting a pic of a Red Stripe beer…so why not bring along a Red Stripe, pose and sip while floating?


Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar, West End

The photoshoot spot for: Sunset street food at a more leisurely pace


As the name suggests, Pushcart is a restaurant formed by the love of Jamaican street food often sold in pushcarts. Not only will you find a wide selection of street foods all in one place, but also a gorgeous place to take photos while you eat. The cliffside location has a sunset view and a breeze that will give your hair supermodel lift, no fan needed.


This Negril restaurant at Rockhouse Hotel features organic produce grown on the property. Plan your trip for the late afternoon or evening as they open at 3:00 pm.

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Miss T’s Kitchen, Ocho Rios

The photoshoot spot for: Eclectic art lovers


Snap your photo at Miss T’s Kitchen pre-dinner framed by the pretty blue porch, or post-dinner going into a food coma in a comfy chair. Decor here has a stylish eccentric flair while the atmosphere feels like a dinner party at a creative friend’s house. The presentation of the dishes is elegant and insta-worthy and the flavors are crafted with just as much skill by Miss T herself.

For authentic Jamaican specialties, try their callaloo or oxtail dishes. There’s a variety of pasta, curry goat and delicious soft shell crab at this Ocho Rios hotspot.

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Fruit Stands Galore

The photoshoot spot for: Island children

Okay, so we don’t have a specific fruit stand you MUST visit—there are so many!—but a bright shot surrounded by the plentitude of Jamaica fruits must be posted to your feed when you visit. Pick up a jelly coconut—made from green, unripe coconuts, the meat of the fruit is still jelly and sweet, rather than hard and nutty. Just look for signs advertising “ice cold jelly coconuts”!


As always, use courtesy when seeking your perfect pic. Purchase something from the place (even a small fruit stand) to help keep them going!

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