10 Best Activities in Jamaica for Nature Lovers

10 Best Activities in Jamaica for Nature Lovers

Jamaica - Blue Lagoon

Leap Into the Blue Lagoon

While Jamaica boasts several mineral springs, the Blue Lagoon is considered one of the most alluring. Located in Westmoreland just 30 minutes outside of Negril, this non-touristy natural attraction will have you feeling like Tarzan as you swing from the 27-foot high cliffs into the sparkling turquoise pool of water. The natural wonder itself is surrounded by other pools and waterfalls so you’ll find plenty to explore after you’ve hopped into the Blue Hole a few times—plus there are both lifeguards on watch and ladders to climb down for your safety. It’s also got a bonus feature: natural, healing and exfoliation factors in the sand, so rub some of it on your skin before you leave!

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