This Low-Cost Cruise Between West Palm Beach & the Bahamas is Florida’s Best-Kept Secret
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This Low-Cost Cruise Between West Palm Beach & the Bahamas is Florida’s Best-Kept Secret

If you consider yourself a beach bum—or just daydream about jetting off to tropical places–you may think you know everything there is to know about vacationing in Florida. But chances are, this affordable cruise between the Bahamas and Florida has never even crossed your radar. Can’t decide between a trip to the Bahamas or a trip to Florida? With Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line out of West Palm Beach, Florida, you don’t have to.


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An Weekend Cruise From Palm Beach to the Bahamas

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line operates just two ships—Grand Celebration and Grand Classica—out of the Port of Palm Beach, located just north of downtown West Palm Beach in an area formally known as Riviera Beach. Not a lot of people know about it, even in Florida, but it’s the perfect way to pack more into your vacation. The cruise line has year-round daily sailings between Florida and the Bahamas.

The sailings are typically two-night/three-day cruises, which makes it easy to just take off on a vacation when you need one. You can leave on a Friday and be back by Sunday morning (and not even have to take a day off of work!).

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line offers super chill and easygoing cruises between two amazing tropical vacation destinations, and it allows you to maximize your time in the Sunshine State by exploring another destination during just a short stint away from your first vacation. It’s kind of like a vacation within a vacation, and who wouldn’t want that?


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

Where Does Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Go?

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line sails between West Palm Beach and the Bahamas and docks in Freeport (Grand Bahama Island). While docked in port, you can opt to explore on your own or book an excursion to help you make the most of your time in the islands.

Another perk of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is the fact that, if you prefer, you can extend your trip by staying over in the Bahamas for a couple of nights and then coming back on a different sailing. This is something that few other cruise lines offer (if any), and it’s a nice way to spend a little extra time in the Bahamas while still enjoying a cruise vacation on either end. You can book the four-night vacation option directly on the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line site and choose between a few different hotel options, including some all-inclusives.


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

How Much Is Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line?

This is perhaps the biggest draw of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line: it’s affordable. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might even find a Groupon for the cruise, and then it’s even cheaper.

Plus, everything’s included in the price, as on most cruises: food and drink won’t cost you unless you pay extra for the upgrade restaurants or purchase an alcoholic drink package (which I recommend doing if you’re going to have more than one or two piña coladas on the cruise). And I also recommend at least one meal at The Rock Grill, a super fun dining experience where you cook your own meal on 1000-degree lava rocks brought to your table!


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

The cruise is usually around $150 or less for a 2-night/3-day jaunt to the Bahamas. They also offer regular deals and promotions like flash sales (I’ve seen $59 per person, per night!) and even “kids sail free” promos (they have three separate kids clubs onboard). They also offer perks for solo cruisers, so don’t write off the cruise if you can’t find a travel buddy or if you just need a little “me” time.

They even offer monthly Ladies Night cruises, which is $49 per lady with packages available that include drink coupons, spa discounts, VIP perks and other treats.

Through July 31, 2019, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has brought back their Triple Play promotion: $129 per person for all staterooms plus perks like five free drinks, a $25 onboard credit and $50 casino match play. Am I doing my math wrong, or do the perks just about cover the cost of the cruise?!


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Experience

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line isn’t a luxury cruise line and the ships aren’t the latest and greatest state-of-the-art types with all the newest bells and whistles (so don’t go in with those kinds of expectations!).

What you will find is a laidback, no-frills way to spend a couple of days away from your cares, the ideal place to take a break from the real world and spend some time in the Bahamas. And for the price, you really can’t beat it…try to visit the Bahamas for less, I dare you!

The actual visit to the Bahamas is short—you only have from the time the ship docks in the morning til you have to be back on board again in the afternoon—but sometimes, that’s all you need for a total reset. You’ll sail back into port the next day feeling like you got a nice break from reality for a bit.

The cruises are also pretty versatile. While the party goes all night at the casino and bar areas, you can also get away from it all and have a relaxed time aboard the ship. There’s onboard entertainment and shows, a casino, bars and poolside parties on the sun deck, but there’s also a spa and salon, fitness center, and a little shopping—or you can just enjoy the view from your room!

Whether you want an action-packed, no-sleep kind of trip or a soothing time with endless sea surrounding you to dissolve your stresses away, you can find what you’re looking for on a Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ship.


Courtesy of Skye Sherman

What’s The Difference Between Grand Classica & Grand Celebration?

There are two ships in the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line fleet: Grand Classica and Grand Celebration.

There aren’t many differences between the two different Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ships. Their restaurants vary slightly—they have a few of the same restaurants but some different ones—but overall, the vibe is very similar and one isn’t better than the other. I wouldn’t pick a cruise based on the ship because they’re so similar.

I’ve been on both, but if I had to pick one to go on again, I think it would be Grand Celebration. I think it’s the original (and thus older) ship, but for some reason, the vibe flowed better for me and I liked its selection of restaurants.

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