You’ll Never Believe What Kind of Lifeguard This Hotel Is Using
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You’ll Never Believe What Kind of Lifeguard This Hotel Is Using

If you head to Seadust Cancún Family Resort in Mexico this summer, don’t expect to spot a tanned lifeguard wearing a cross-body buoy and bright red swim trunks as he perches on his stand and watches over the beach.

No, the new lifeguard at this family-friendly resort is a bit more…robotic.


Courtesy of NORAS Performance

High-Tech Beach Safety

All-inclusive Seadust Cancún Family Resort is the first resort in Cancún implementing the use of a lifeguard drone to watch over the water. Yes, you heard that right! We’ve all seen drones used for photography and filming, and most of us have even heard of drones delivering packages in the not-so-distant future. But a drone working as a lifeguard? Technology is advancing quicker than we thought. 

U SAFE® Drone from NORAS Performance

The lifeguard at Seadust Cancún Family Resort comes in the form of a U SAFE® drone from NORAS Performance. It’s a lightweight float that operates via remote control. The lifeguard drone maneuvers easily through the water to aid struggling swimmers. It navigates at a maximum speed of 18 mph and can be controlled from three miles away! This makes it ideal for deploying from the shore and quickly rescuing swimmers who may be far out.

The drone will not completely replace lifeguards at the resort, but it will provide emergency flotation devices and support safety equipment for the lifeguards who already man the resort’s beaches. The existing lifeguards will be trained to use and operate the drone to best take advantage of the new technology. Being able to more effectively assist swimmers and drastically shorten response time will help better ensure pool and water safety. “Beyond setting the stage for a memorable family beach vacation, guest safety is Seadust Cancún’s greatest priority,” according to Pedro Pinhal, Director and CEO of Seadust Cancún Family Resort.

“Our investment in a lifeguard drone represents our commitment to guest safety and allows us to better provide an ideal and positive family vacation for our visitors. We are also very proud to be the first resort in the Cancún area that will implement this technology.”


Courtesy of Seadust Cancún Family Resort

Extra Peace of Mind for Parents

As this Cancún property is meant for families, having a lifeguard drone to work as an extra set of eyes and an added layer of protection gives parents extra peace of mind while their kids enjoy the water. Lifeguard drones also recently made headlines in Australia when a drone rescued two teens drowning off the coast. It was the world’s first ocean rescue from a lifeguard drone and took place on the drone’s first day on the job, proving its life-saving usefulness.

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