Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay Will Include Many Firsts for the Caribbean
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Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay Will Include Many Firsts for the Caribbean

If you’ve ever set sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the islands, chances are you’ve made a stop at CocoCay, the cruise line’s private island destination in the Bahamas. Known for having all the ingredients of the perfect beach day, CocoCay provides beautiful Bahamian water, sandy shores with plenty of shade options, beach bars, drinks in pineapples and much more.

However, come May 2019, CocoCay will complete the transformation into an over-the-top version of itself. CocoCay already has a ton of ways for enjoying a tropical paradise, but Perfect Day at CocoCay—the island’s rebranded name after $200 million invested in improvements—will be the ultimate Caribbean adventure.


Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Highlights of Perfect Day at CocoCay

Highlights of Perfect Day at CocoCay include a giant, tethered helium balloon that floats 450 feet into the sky and holds up to 40 people, a 30,000-square-foot Oasis Lagoon, the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool, and a 1,600-foot, 3-station zip line crisscrossing the island and ending with a water landing—the only such experience in the Caribbean. Of course, dreamy vacation necessities like swim-up bars, in-pool lounges, private cabanas and more fill the resort as well. Perfect Day at CocoCay will also have a private beach club with overwater bungalows for hire.


Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Perfect Day at CocoCay will also be home to Thrill Waterpark, where the adventurous can enjoy 13 water slides and the tallest waterslide in North America, Daredevil’s Peak, at 135 feet tall. The waterpark will also feature the largest wave pool in the Caribbean, as well as an obstacle course pool that’s kid-friendly. The theme of the island is “thrill and chill,” so there will be ample opportunities for travelers to do both.


Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Convenience at Perfect Day at CocoCay

Best of all, Royal Caribbean is building a long pier to connect the ship to the island, so you won’t be waiting for a ferry to get between the ship and island. You’ll simply walk right off the ship and onto the dock leading to the island, Perfect Day at CocoCay. This makes the stop convenient, hassle-free and allows cruisers even more time on Royal Caribbean’s private island.


Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean

How to Visit Perfect Day at CocoCay

A total of 10 Royal Caribbean cruise ships will make a stop at Perfect Day at CocoCay, so you have plenty of ships and routes to choose from. Perfect Day at Coco Cay will open in two phases— some parts will open by December 2019 but the final completion date is in May 2019.

According to Royal Caribbean’s President and CEO, Michael Bayley, “When you name a place Perfect Day, you’re making a big, bold claim, but it’s one we’re going to deliver on. Once Perfect Day at CocoCay is complete, it will be unlike anything else in the world.”


Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean

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