Best Beach Makeup That Won’t Melt Off in the Sun or Sea

Best Beach Makeup That Won’t Melt Off in the Sun or Sea


Spring break or summer vacation at the beach is a really fun place to play with colors and new looks. It’s like you can become another person in the warm breezes and late summer nights. Bikinis come in an array of popsicle shades, so why not try a slick of lipstick or mascara to match? We’ve compiled the hottest trends in makeup for the beach with special attention on how to pull off certain makeups when water is involved.

Wearing Makeup to the Beach

Some people are very judgmental when others choose to wear makeup to the beach. They may imagine that person is stuck up for wearing makeup to a place where you’ll be swimming and sweating anyway, or they may be trying to encourage others to feel more confident in going makeup free. But wearing makeup doesn’t have to be about insecurities or showing off, it can be about creating something beautiful for yourself and others to enjoy.

Everyone is comfortable showing different amounts of skin at the beach— some choose to wear a thong bikini and some choose to wear a sarong, hat and top. Both are great! Just like with clothing, many people may choose to cover or enhance themselves with makeup at the beach, too. While makeup at the beach certainly isn’t a requirement, if you use the right products, it can actually be fun to adapt your look to a more tropical environment.


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Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream With SPF

In this article, you’ll start to see a trend that items with SPF are your best friend! Starting with a tinted moisturizer is a great way to moisturize, even and brighten your skin tone plus add a layer of SPF without your makeup getting too cakey. Tinted moisturizer is great because in addition to adding SPF, you can slap it on and not worry if it moves when you sweat or go swimming.

Pixiwoo’s makeup expert Sam Chapman says that when using a tinted moisturizer, you can “cheat” your color and get a head start on your tan because it’s sheerer, so you can use a shade darker than your normal foundation. This way you can head to the beach looking more bronzed without anyone knowing it’s your first day on vacation!

There are so many brands that make great tinted moisturizers. With all the SPF products out there, look for one that is Oxybenzone and Oxytocinate free (read more about that here). Zinc is a great alternative as a sunscreen ingredient. Juice Beauty’s Tinted Mineral Moisturizer with SPF 30 uses zinc and is also packed with antioxidants to help restore your skin.

Fuller Coverage Foundation

Shiseido Foundation With SPF

If you’re looking for a heavier coverage foundation, Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation SPF 36 is a water and sweat-resistant powder foundation. The best thing about it, is that you can apply it to wet or dry skin! Shiseido is a Japanese skincare company famous for their sun protection so you can trust it delivers.

Revlon Colorstay

For a drugstore option, Revlon’s ColorStay foundation is a cult favorite. It’s billed as water and sweat resistant and Jessica Braun from YouTube channel JamBeauty89 proved it. She wore it in her waterproof makeup test and blasted her face with shower water for two straight minutes—it didn’t move!

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

Tarte’s new Shape Tape Foundation complement to it’s famous Shape Tape Concealer is a waterproof stunner! This formula is packed with skin loving ingredients, so you can feel good about wearing it all day. There are two versions, so make sure you get the Matte version with the purple strip on the cap (not blue!) if you want to go waterproof.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Speaking of concealer, it’s hard to go wrong with the Shape Tape Concealer—one is sold every 20 seconds for a reason. It’s waterproof and conceals blemishes with a perfect finish. Plus, it’s available in travel size, so you can find is as inexpensively as $10.

A bottle of Coola makeup setting spray with SPF

Courtesy of Coola

Makeup-Setting Mist With SPF — Yes! It Exists!

Something new that’s been popping up from more brands is makeup setting spray with SPF. For those of you that want to wear more of a “look” or wear foundation that you don’t want to move, this is a great option. Check out Coola’s Organic SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray. It’s water resistant and has hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain moisture throughout the day. This is a nice option to add to your makeup routine if you don’t want to change any of your current products, but want to add SPF.

When looking for other SPF products, Coola is brand that is really making strides in healthy, eco-friendly ingredients that deliver.

A hand holds a container of Tarte Tarteguard SPF 30 powder sunscreen in front of rocks at the beach.

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Top Off Your Routine With a Powder

Powder is another great way to add SPF to your existing sunscreen or your bare skin. They’re non-greasy and a great delivery system for a physical sunscreen like zinc to protect your skin. Plus, kids LOVE this option compared to greasy sunscreen lotions! Tarteguard SPF 30 is a great option because it has a built in brush so you just click the button, brush and go. We love this formula because your hands don’t get greasy when you re-apply. Say goodbye to greasy phone screens and pages of your favorite beach read!


SPF Math

Something to note about SPF: It’s great to combine more than one SPF product to ensure coverage. Just note that once you add more than one product, determining the SPF number you get is a little more difficult. For example, if you wear a primer with SPF 30 and a foundation with SPF 40, your protection does not equal the sum of the two, or 70 SPF. It equals somewhere between 30 and 40. But they’re still great to combine because of different lengths of wear and types of ingredients.

A woman floating in water wearing mascara

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Let’s talk lashes. Eyes are the window to the soul, so lashes are the curtains! Just having mascara on can make a huge difference in your look, as lashes frame and highlight your eyes. Unfortunately, waterproof mascaras can be really rough on your lashes. So here are a few gentler faves to try!

Diorshow Mascara

Diorshow Mascara is a cult beauty fave and their waterproof version is almost equally popular which is rare. Pops of color are great to compliment your tropical surroundings, so try Diorshow’s Azure Blue shade for a neon pop. It looks mermaidesque in the water and chic with slicked back hair at dinner or drinks.

Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara

OG mascara brand Maybelline keeps lashes softer than most waterproof mascaras with their waterproof version of their Full ‘N Soft Mascara. It’s a little-known mascara compared to Maybelline’s other stars, but it’s one of the best!

Professional Lash Extensions

Another option for lashes that has exploded in popularity in recent years are extensions.

Even with their growing popularity, lots of people don’t know that you can wash your face, shower and even swim while you have lash extensions!

Getting lash extensions before your vacation is one of the best things you can do to prep beforehand. Your look will be more polished for your whole trip and a quick brush through is all the maintenance they need. Lash extensions usually last between two to three weeks before needing a fill to top up lashes that have fallen out. Or, you can have them removed (do NOT remove on your own!) or let them naturally fall out as your lashes shed once you’re home from your trip!

A woman lying on a spa treatment table receives eyelash extensions before her beach vacation

Lash extensions just after application – Courtesy of Jesse Sage

There is a style of extensions called “flat” extensions that sit in a way that gives you more of an eyeliner look, which can be great for added drama that you barely need to think about! With any lash extensions, you will want to look for a reputable, well-reviewed salon to perform the service a few days before you leave so you can get used to them and let them cure. Lash extensions can be fully submerged after they cure for usually 24-48 hours depending on your salon.

A woman swims in the ocean with red lipstick on

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It’s very important to protect your lips as they are a thinner skin than the rest of your face. Burt’s Bee’s All Weather Lip Balm SPF 15 is water resistant (keep it in your beach bag so you can reapply!) and protects lips with zinc.

If you want to play with color at the beach (Hello, striking red lips with a white suit!) try out Urban Decay’s Vice Liquid Lipsticks. They’re surprisingly lightweight for a liquid lipstick and are waterproof to last all day. They don’t contain SPF, so make sure you apply that separately.


Beach Bag Faves

There are two items we are nominating for beach bag staples of 2019!


Keeping some wet wipes in your bag may seem unnecessary when you’re next to a huge body of water. But you never know when you’ll want to freshen up slightly or need to clean your hands of sunscreen.

Facial Refreshing Spray

Spending lots of time in the sun dries you out and exhaust you. Keeping a refreshing rose water or aloe blend spray in your bag (Pacifica and Heritage Products are both great, but there are a million to try!) is great to refresh your skin while laying out. Plus, it gives you a “just showered” feeling so you can touch up and head to dinner without having to go back to the room.

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