6 Activities to Make the Most Out of Your Saint Lucia Beach Vacation
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6 Activities to Make the Most Out of Your Saint Lucia Beach Vacation

Saint Lucia has one of the most instantly-recognizable backdrops in all of the Caribbean thanks to the lush, green twin peaks of the Pitons stretching up towards the sunny skies for a Jurassic-like tropical setting. Born from volcanic rock, St. Lucia is the second-largest island of the Windward group in the Lesser Antilles, just north of St. Vincent and north-west of Barbados. It has world-class beaches, picturesque bays, rainforests, sulfur springs and many more attractions to explore. We’ve put together a list of six essential activities for your trip to Saint Lucia.


Pigeon Island

Despite its name–after a causeway built in the 1970s–Pigeon Island can be reached by foot. Go in the cooler morning to explore the marked trails all that take you around the 18th Century ruins of Fort Rodney, built by the British but converted to a US signal station during WWII. Take in the incredible 360-degree views from the top of the fort, then amble down to one of the beautiful beaches for a dip in the sparkling blue sea.


Marigot Bay

This destination is carefully looked over by lush, green hills fringed with palm trees, surrounded by mangroves and centered with the deep turquoise bay. Walk along the bay and yacht-spot at the boats moored up in the shelter of this natural harbor, or take a ferry ride from the marina where all day tours operate.


Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

No trip to St. Lucia is complete without visiting waterfalls and botanical gardens, and bathing in the historic sulfur spring mineral baths at Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. On this day trip you’ll learn all about flora and fauna before visiting impressive waterfalls and skin-softening pools. Three attractions in just one stop!

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Zip Lining

For the more adventurous travelers, ziplining over St. Lucia’s lush canopy is a must do. The island has many ziplining outfitters, so ask your hotel for their recommended picks.

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© Hotel Chocolat Website, Tree To Bar Experience

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat’s Tree to Bar Experience

Love chocolate? These famous UK-based luxury chocolatiers own the historic cocoa plantations of Rabot Estate. Visit to explore the journey of the chocolate all the way from the estate’s nurseries where you’ll experience the grafting process performed to produce the Trinitario cocoa bean. You’ll even get to practice turning cocoa nibs into a real bar of chocolate!

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Rainforest Walking

With 19,000 acres of incredibly lush rainforest, be sure to take a 90-minute walk or day-long hike along the lush trails–taking in the beauty of giant ferns, exotic birds and blossoming orchards. Barre de L’Isle offers astounding views, whilst bird-watchers should try the Millet trail. To save money, book your mandatory guide (you need one at all times in the rainforest) through the Forestry Department rather than your hotel.

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