Risk It All On A Beach Vacation to the Bermuda Triangle

Risk It All On A Beach Vacation to the Bermuda Triangle

Photo of the HMS Vixen in the Bermuda Triangle

Everyone’s heard of the Bermuda Triangle and its mysterious way of swallowing up airplanes, ships, humans and pretty much everything else. Other names you might have heard it go by are Hurricane Alley or Devil’s Triangle. This infamous place is a triangular area in the North Atlantic Ocean covering about 50,000 miles of open water, from Bermuda to Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico. About four planes and 20 boats sink here on average, per year without a trace. Christopher Columbus even recorded a ship entry in which he described something like a UFO or a “great flame of fire” in these waters right before hitting land. Stories of sea monsters, aliens, Atlantis, time warps and reverse gravity fields abound in this area of the world.

Artist depiction of the Bermuda Triangle.

Photo Courtesy of tushar kanyal

The Truth Behind the Triangle

In actuality, the Bermuda Triangle is far less mysterious. Stories of compasses going haywire are often exaggerated, as some parts of the Bermuda Triangle are actually one of the few places in the world where the true north and magnetic north line up. Disappearances are usually due to human error, devastating hurricanes and a strong Gulf Stream, which has a tendency to wash away debris. Giant rogue waves and underwater methane gas eruptions have also been recorded in this area. However, in myth or in science, the Bermuda Triangle continues to fascinate people around the world.

If you think this adventure is calling for you, Bermuda actually offers tours and excursions to this dangerous and exciting place. If you’ve ever wanted to see the Bermuda Triangle for yourself, this guide is for you.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort beachside in Bermuda.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Berinato

First Stop: Bermuda

Bermuda is the perfect place to combine your trip to the Bermuda Triangle with an amazing beach vacation. Pink beaches, rich maritime history, spooky underwater caves and the Bermuda Triangle—this small British island territory has it all. It’s also pretty close to the U.S. mainland, located just east of North Carolina in the North Atlantic Ocean. While the weather is generally mild, you’ll find occasional quirky cold spells and periods of intense rain. Bermuda is incidentally known as the wreck dive capital of the world and is located only about 630 miles from the epicenter of the Bermuda Triangle.

King's Wharf dock terminal from an aeriel view. Bermuda.

Photo Courtesy of Val D’Aquila

Visit King’s Wharf, the Tip of the Bermuda Triangle

Visitors should start their journey at King’s Wharf, officially known as the Royal Naval Dockyard, which is located on Bermuda’s northeast coast. King’s Wharf is actually the exact geographical location of the Triangle’s northern tip. You’ll even find a plaque on its Clocktower Mall that says “Official Tip of the Bermuda Triangle”. Ironically, whenever you fly over Bermuda, you’re technically flying over the infamous Bermuda Triangle. One reason Bermuda was chosen to represent part of the Triangle’s name is due to its former nickname, ‘Isle of the Devil’.

King’s Wharf also has access to culture, water sports, restaurants, shopping, a centuries-old lighthouse, a 400-year-old chapel and stunning beaches. And best of all, your tour of the unknown starts here.

Tip of the Vixen shipwreck in the water in the Bermuda Triangle

Photo Courtesy of gregjonsson

Next Stop: A Tour Into The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a cultural landmark for Bermuda and there are several charter boats you can take to the outskirts of the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise will even take you directly into the Bermuda Triangle, so you can see for yourself what the mystery is all about.

Glass Bottomed Boat Ride in Bermuda to the Bermuda Triangle. Caribbean.

Photo Courtesy of Christina

The Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise

Leave at 8 pm from the King’s Wharf into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle on a glass-bottom boat. Sit on the deck and watch the underwater world beneath you while sipping on a complimentary Rum Swizzle. The captain and crew are knowledgeable, personable and funny and educate you on the area’s many shipwrecks, plane-wrecks and disappearances. Don’t worry about disappearing on this tour—it has a 100% return rate, and for those rare instances you might disappear, there is a full refund. Be sure to go during a full moon, as numerous glow worms gather near the water and look like fireworks. Tickets run at about $89 on its official site, but other traveling sites usually offer the tickets with a discount.

Jet Skis in the Caribbean with a bird in the driver's seat.

Photo Courtesy of I Knit London

K.S. Watersports Tour

K.S. Watersports Tour offers excursions around the island that take you to the outskirts of the Bermuda Triangle. Here you can visit the infamous shipwreck of the HMS Vixen, which is considered an important landmark in Bermuda. Rent some gear and explore the shipwreck or snorkel in the Triangle’s eerie waters. Before heading out to the Vixen, be sure to enjoy a jet ski tour around the island. You can even jet ski beneath Bermuda’s Somerset bridge, the world’s smallest drawbridge. K.S. Watersports is great for travelers seeking a package that includes activities besides the Bermuda Triangle.

BUEI (Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute) displaying some shells. Bermuda, Caribbean.

Photo Courtesy of Cindy

Bermuda Triangle Tram Tour

This tour includes a simulated dive experience at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute‘s Blue Echo, where you descend into a virtual reality version of the Bermuda Triangle. This is excellent for visitors who want to train like a sailor and immerse themselves in an exciting virtual reality experience. The Bermuda Triangle Tram Tour also includes a real-life tram ride through Bermuda’s historic St. George’s Town and other landmarks. It runs between April and November and prices vary based on the season.

Private Charters

If you dare to go on a private tour into the Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda offers private charters around the island. Prices vary and your adventure depends on how far everyone (including the captain of the private charter) is willing to go.

Diving in a shipwreck near the Bermuda Triangle

Photo Courtesy of James Schiller

Diving Near the Triangle

Divers will rejoice at the many coral reefs and shipwrecks found around Bermuda and further out. More than 300 shipwrecks surround the island. Some wrecks you should consider diving into are the giant Cristóbal Cólón and the spooky, atmospheric North Carolina. For divers who prefer their shipwrecks wrought with rich marine life and coral, consider visiting the Iristo. Bermuda’s historic St. George’s Town is rife with haunted stories of shipwrecked ghosts and pirates. You’ll have no shortage of mystery and the paranormal here.

Eat & Stay at Bermuda Triangle-Themed Places

After your trip, stop by Hamilton, Bermuda’s beachside capital, and check out the Lost in the Triangle restaurant. It’s Bermuda’s only authentic local seafood restaurant and you’ll get a taste of “Triangle”-inspired dishes.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa Underground Cave Restaurant in Bermuda, Caribbean.

Photo Courtesy of Katie

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa

The beachfront Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa in Hamilton Parish is conveniently located near the airport and has a few special Bermuda Triangle deals. If you book a stay here you can get a special deal with the Bermuda Triangle Twilight Cruise starting at $55 per person. The resort also offers a freshwater, heated swimming pool and an outside Jacuzzi right on its private beach. You can also use the resort’s five-Star PADI Diving outfitter, which offers certification courses and advanced courses for diving in the Bermuda Triangle. On-site Dive Bermuda and Blue Hole Watersports Center feature snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing and windsurfing. Guests who love a little mystery will delight at the resort’s two private swimming caves and underground bar. If you’re not tired yet, check out the resort’s water park.

Fairmont Southampton Resort beachfront. Bermuda.

Photo Courtesy of Sheffield Rambler

Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Beach Resort

The luxurious beachfront Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Beach Resort is another great option located near King’s Wharf on tranquil Horseshoe Bay. It offers a Bermuda Triangle Package year-round. This special deal includes a Secrets exhibit at The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, which educates on anything Bermuda Triangle-related. Take advantage of the daily resort credit and swim in the ocean around Bermuda and seek out shipwrecks. Dive Bermuda is located on the resort’s private beach for Scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboating and kayaking activities. The Bermuda Triangle Package also offers access to the award-winning Willow Stream Spa and a “Dark and Stormy” welcome amenity. Around the resort, you’ll find important and historical landmarks, like the National Museum of Bermuda, The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse and historic St. George’s Town.

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