5 Pink Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

5 Pink Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

Describe your favorite beach. White sand? Turquoise waves? Think again. The Caribbean is home to five uniquely colorful pink sand beaches that will have you feeling all sorts of pretty in pink.

We’ve put together a list of the best pink-sand beaches and the easiest ways to get to them. Head to these shores in the Caribbean for your own snap-worthy beach day.

Pink Sands Beach, The Bahamas

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Take a stroll along more than three miles of coral-colored shores on the Pink Sands Beach in The Bahamas. Located on the eastern Atlantic Ocean side of Harbour Island, the light shade of pink of this famous beach beckon tourists from all over the world. Fun fact, the pink sand actually comes from microscopic coral insects known as Foraminifera. These tiny insects have bright red shells and live on the underside of coral reefs. When they die, they wash up on shore, turning the sand a lovely pink color.

Getting There

Hop aboard a ferry from the resort-laden Paradise Island for easy access to Harbour Island. For visitors closer to the Cable Beach area, consider flying for a cheap and quick route. Airplanes fly into the North Eleuthera airport. To get to Harbour Island, you will have to take a water taxi ride.

Crane Beach, Barbados

Once named among the ten best beaches in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Crane Beach is one of the most popular jaunts in Barbados with its light sand beach and stunning back drop. This beach gets its name from a large crane that was situated at the top of the cliff overlooking the beach, used for loading and unloading ships when the stretch was a harbor.

Getting There

While all beaches in Barbados are public, it can be fairly difficult for the public to find an easy way on to the beach. Guests of The Crane Resort have the easiest access to the beach.

Pink Beach, Bonaire

Sadly, Pink Beach in Bonaire has lost much of its shoreline thanks to a storm in 1999. However, you can still head here for some of the best snorkeling and diving on the island.

Getting There

Access to Pink Beach in Bonaire is sparse. Erosion and storm damage has left a very small strip of pink sand for visitors. In order to get to Pink Beach, you’ll want to catch a taxi and then ask them to return later to pick you up. There are very few transportation services from the tourist area to the Pink Beach.

French Leave Beach, Eleuthera

This one-mile stretch of paradise on Eleuthera is also known as Club Med Beach, and was once the beach connected to Club Med Resort, which was sadly wiped out by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Now, the beach is a popular spot for visitors staying in or near the Governor’s Harbour settlement. Most nearby hotels and resorts in French Leave Harbour Village provide a golf cart so you can experience the island like a local.

Getting There

It’s easy to access French Leave Beach in Eleuthera. Walk the 20-30 yards from King’s Highway to the beach and you’re all set for a full beach day in a relaxed and secluded setting.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Named after the curve of the shoreline, Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda is a popular island destination thanks to its perfectly blush sand, translucent ocean and wealth of nearby activities. This is a beach rich with amenities and things to do – rent everything from beach chairs to boogie boards here, and then head to a local beach bar for a famous Rum Swizzle.

Getting There

Bermuda offers a wide variety of public transportation, buses and taxis being the easiest to get to Horseshoe Bay Beach. The beach is only a short walk from the bus stop, while taxis offer direct drop off at the beach.

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