Top Travel Apps to Download in 2019

Top Travel Apps to Download in 2019

Most–if not all–travelers these days rely on apps to organize itineraries, find flights and hotels and store vital information while planning their vacations. Travel apps help us feel safer and more informed and their functions are becoming more sophisticated each year.

Check out some of these top-notch travel apps to download for your beach vacation this year. These apps are free and available for iOS, Android and other Smartphones.


Organizing Your Trip

Google Trips & TripIt

Google Trips plans your entire trip for you, pulling reservations from emails, suggesting car rentals and advising on places to eat. It also includes a feature for curated day trips. For business travelers, try TripIt. It uploads itineraries, keeps you up to date on flights and organizes your vital data. For those on a budget, Kayak is a great trip organizer that suggests trip options based on your expense limits.


Everyone wants a good deal on flights. Hopper uses an algorithm to let you know when the best deal for a flight is coming up.

Mobile Passport

This app allows you to upload your passport data and fill out customs declarations right when you land to avoid an endless line at customs.


If you are traveling through time zones, Circa lets you know what time it is at your final destination.


Once you arrive, the TripAdvisor app can guide you to airports, restaurants, bars and hotels and lets you check through reviews, photos and price ranges.


Courtesy of itsmyipad | Google Maps

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