Egyptian Museum Tour Plus a Visit to Old Cairo

Tour to the Great Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo and the Holy family churches.

You will be escorted by our tourist guide to visit the Egyptian museum, this museum is considered one of the biggest museum in the world.
You will enjoy more than 100,000 pieces of unique artifacts in additional to the treasure of King Tutankhamun also many mummies.
This museum is built more than 100 years ago. You will move on to Coptic Cairo or old Cairo, you will visit the one of the best churches in the world the ‘Hanging Church’ built in the 3rd century, this was built over the roman fortress.
Also you will visit Saint Sergius' Church this church is unique it is where the holy family stayed for 2 months when they fled to Egypt.
This is considered a holy place for all Christians all over the world. You will visit the local markets around.
After that have lunch at local restaurant, you can enjoy our Egyptian food then on to a visit to the old bazaar of Cairo.
Enjoy shopping and see the local life style then we will drop you off to your hotel or to the airport.

from $ 55