V & A Waterfront Historical Guided Walking Tour in Cape Town

This tour allows you the opportunity to discover the history of this landmark destination, where cultures of the early Dutch, Flemish and British blended with locals, slaves, exiles and sailors from every corner of the globe to form the cosmopolitan tapestry that makes up modern-day Cape Town.

Take a step back in time to a bygone era; to a time of sailors, seafarers and intrepid adventurers. Follow in the footsteps of South Africa’s founders when the majesty of the V&A Waterfront was a brave little jetty built by Jan van Riebeeck in 1654. Relive the frenzy of the shouts of the sailors and stevedores as we sidestep and expertly navigate the hustle and bustle of this iconic trading port’s vibrant history.

Just as the pioneering Power Station bought the first light to Cape Town, so our registered tour guide will illuminate the history of the V&A Waterfront, regaling you with facts and anecdotes of South Africa’s most popular cultural destination.

South Africa’s oldest working harbour is home to 22 landmarks. Our journey begins at Chavonnes Battery Museum, the harbour’s oldest relic. The tour then winds its way from Clock Tower Square and will include, but is not limited to the following points of interest:, Swing Bridge, African Trading Port, Old Power Station - Cape Town’s first power station, Pump House, Breakwater Prison –markings left by recalcitrant prisoners are still visible today. The tour ends: at Quay 5 / Amphitheatre.

from $ 15