10 Most Amazing Beaches in Aruba

10 Most Amazing Beaches in Aruba

10. Boca Keto Beach


Courtesy of Aruba Tourism

Boca Keto is situated on the eastern side of Aruba and it’s probably the most difficult-to-reach beach on the island, as it requires a long drive through the magnificent Arikok National Park. While for most visitors this is a demoralizing factor, more adventurous travelers see it as the most exciting part of the experience and are eager to drive or even hike through the park to discover this hidden gem. Steep dirt roads lead towards the famous Conchi Pool and then swirl up north to approach Boca Keto Beach.

It’s highly recommended to head there in an off-road vehicle or book an ATV tour, as the route can be quite challenging to drive in a conventional car. Still, you will have to walk the last part of the track before being rewarded by the astonishing view of Boca Keto Beach.

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