10 Most Amazing Beaches in Aruba

10 Most Amazing Beaches in Aruba

1. Arashi Beach


Courtesy of Aruba Tourism

Dotted by inviting palapa huts that provide valuable shade to sun-beat travelers, Arashi beach is the last strip of sand you’ll come across before reaching California Lighthouse on the northern part of the island. Pristine white sand and calm, azure waters are not the only reasons it’s a popular swimming spot among locals. Arashi beach has a very diverse marine ecosystem home to several species of exotic fish and a spectacular seabed full of colorful soft coral.

On windy days, sunbathers give way to bodyboarders and surfers on the hunt of the perfect wave. Unfortunately, there are virtually no hotels located on Arashi Beach. However, if you want to be close by, book with Ocean Z Boutique Hotel—it’s only a short walk away.

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