Visit Puerto Seco Beach, Jamaica on Your Next Family Vacation

Visit Puerto Seco Beach, Jamaica on Your Next Family Vacation


If you had to choose a family beach in St. Ann, Jamaica, Puerto Seco Beach Park should be your top choice. Located in the middle of Discovery Bay, this beach is just 30 minutes from Ocho Rios. Formerly the island’s best-kept secret, this newly renovated beach hub is the leading family beach spot on the North Coast. The secret is out, this is where you want to be for an unforgettable beach vacation.

Take the Family to Puerto Seco Beach, Jamaica

A day trip to Puerto Seco Beach is filled with delightful possibilities. Reopened to an expectant crowd on May 1, 2018, the property delivers all the amenities you expect from a modern family beach. The remodeled facility now includes a resort-style pool, a floating water park, exciting dining options and more. Plus, if you prefer grass to sand, the recently expanded grounds include a garden that’s perfect for a picnic.


Arrival at Puerto Seco Beach Park, Jamaica

Upon arrival, an admission fee is required per family—admission fees contribute to the daily maintenance and operations. For families on a set budget, other charges to consider include food, water sports and cabanas. Although these are optional costs, they are well worth your indulgence.


Rent Cabanas for the Day a Puerto Seco Beach Park

For a truly relaxing beach holiday, try lounging at the pool or beach in your own VIP cabana. These comfortable, plush accommodations relax the whole body in seconds. Set up your cabana just steps away from the water and after a few dips, return to your private world for continued serenity.

Water Park & Water Sports

The water here is gentle, mostly shallow and perfect for children. For many guests, the floating water park fitted with slides, rock-climbing walls and trampolines is the most intriguing activity. For others, it’s the 150-ft-wide swimming pool and swim-up bar. Then, for true diving enthusiasts, a superior service awaits. Resort Divers provides full-service scuba diving opportunities in partnership with the Puerto Seco Beach Park.

Culinary Guide to Jamaica

Food Choices at Puerto Seco Beach

The beach park provides a food center with a jerk pit, snack area, restaurant and bar. Meals cater to a variety of discerning tastes. From popular local dishes to American and international fare, you’ll enjoy jerk meats, hamburgers, pizzas and more. In addition, beachside waiters ensure you’ll never have to leave your VIP cabana if you don’t want to.

Family Entertainment & Adventure at Puerto Seco Beach

Puerto Seco Beach promotes daily family entertainment, like live music performed by talented local artists. Keeping kids busy here won’t be challenging—throughout the day, children have exclusive claim to a large playground, water slides and swings. With further expansion, Puerto Seco beach aims to become a world-class, family-friendly facility.


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