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Cha-Am Beaches --The golden sands of Cha-Am are perfect for rest and relaxation, and you'll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy adventure activities around the coast. Spend your days picnicking, going on banana boat rides, waterskiing, parasailing and sunbathing. Most of the hotels and resorts offer direct beach access and you'll be within easy reach of local markets, great restaurants and seafood vendors.

Southern Central Thailand
Central Thai / Siamese
Thai baht
2403 square miles (6225 square km)
Temperatures range from 72°F to 84°F

Cha-Am, Thailand

  • Cha-Am, Thailand - Cha-Am Beach
  • Cha-Am, Thailand - Cha-Am Beach
  • Cha-Am, Thailand - Cha-Am Beach, Thailand

About Cha-Am

The peaceful coastline of the Gulf of Thailand is home to Cha-Am, a scenic beach that has grown to become a popular destination for family vacations and relaxing getaways. The clear waters and golden sands around Cha-Am are well-suited for watersports and sunbathing, and the beaches are within easy reach of historic sites and natural landmarks. Read Less