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Coral Gables Beaches - You won't find any beaches in Coral Gables but you will always be within easy reach of the beaches near Coconut Grove and a short drive away from Miami Beach. Matheson Hammock County Park nearby is home to a few miles of beachfront territory, and you'll find some attractive places for rest and relaxation in Sunrise Harbor nearby. Spend your days exploring the historic district, visiting museums and shopping in the downtown area.

Miami-Dade County
37.2 square miles (96.2 square km)
Average annual temperature is 75°F but highs can reach upper 80s °F in the summer and the average low is 69°F

Coral Gables, Florida

  • Coral Gables, Florida - Coral Gables
  • Coral Gables, Florida - Coral Gables
  • Coral Gables, Florida - Coral Gables

About Coral Gables

The historic city of Coral Gables is an attractive destination for exploring area museums, seeing some of Miami's historic landmarks and for shopping in the upscale shopping district. The city is within a short drive of Coconut Grove which overlooks the ocean and is a boat ride away from Key Biscayne. Whether you're staying in the downtown district or driving through the area on your Miami vacation, you can look forward to a relaxing and memorable vacation in Coral Gables, FL. Read Less