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Mazatlan Beaches - Mazatlan's beautiful beaches are among the major attractions of this region, but you'll also find numerous family-friendly activities to enjoy throughout the area. Spend your days golfing, horseback riding, areo hunting, exploring one of the breweries or taking in a baseball game. Take a tour of the largest tuna canning factories on the Pacific Coast, or head off on a four-wheel adventure through the rainforest to make the most of your experience.

Pacific Coast Mexico
1,184.75 square miles (3,068.5 square km)
Average highs range from 77°F to 91°F and average lows range from 58°F to 77°F

Mazatlan, Mexico

  • Mazatlan, Mexico - Mazatlan
  • Mazatlan, Mexico - Mazatlan
  • Mazatlan, Mexico - Mazatlan

About Mazatlan

Mazatlan means 'Place of the Deer' and is located about ten miles away from the Pacific coast. The mild weather and comfortable climate makes it an attractive destination for boating, swimming and other water activities. This port city and harbor is also serves as one of the greatest natural fish traps of the world. Read Less