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Tonga Beaches--The white sands of Tonga are among the major draws to the region, and you'll find plenty of fun things to do and enjoy throughout the area year round. Explore the edges of active volcanoes, take an underwater canyon tour, go cliff jumping or head out on a snorkeling adventure to explore the shipwrecks. You'll marvel at the natural landscape and can enjoy a variety of local events on the island year round.

South Pacific Ocean
Pa'anga (TOP)
270,000 square miles (700,000 square km)
Average annual temperature is 73°F with an average high of 79°F and an average low of 68°F.

Tonga, Australia-Pacific

  • Tonga, Australia-Pacific - Hufangalupe Beach
  • Tonga, Australia-Pacific - Monotapu Beach
  • Tonga, Australia-Pacific - Tonga

About Tonga

The capital of Tonga translates to "Abode of Love" and it is considered to be among the friendliest islands of the region. The lush rainforests, hilly slopes and natural terrain make this area an adventure-seeker"s paradise. Surrounded by active volcanoes and shipwrecks, this is the perfect exotic destination to explore uncharted territory and take in some breathtaking sites. Read Less