3 Recipes for a Vacation-Worthy Frozen Drink

3 Recipes for a Vacation-Worthy Frozen Drink


Picture yourself reclining on a white linen hammock, swinging to and fro in the fresh ocean breeze. You’re humming a little song to yourself as you lay in the shade of a palm tree, sipping the perfect tropical drink.

Do you have the picture in your mind?

What kind of drink are you holding?

Everyone has their preference. Maybe you’re a beer connoisseur, or maybe you’re dreaming of those fresh mint mojitos you had on your last trip to Mexico. If you’re after that full-on, blissed-out, tropical vaycay vibe, chances are you thought of a classic frozen drink, like a pina colada or a strawberry margarita. For a beachy vacation, there really is no substitute.

Here are a few recipes for some of our favorite vacation-worthy frozen cocktails.

Frozen Rum Runner

Rum and tropical vacation vibes just go together. Here’s one of our favorite juiced-up rum drinks from RumTherapy.com, that will cool you off in no time:

1 ounce gold rum

1/4 ounce blackberry liqueur

1/4 ounce creme de banana liqueur

2 ounces orange juice

1/2 ounce grenadine

8 ounces crushed ice

1/2 oz. dark or 151 proof rum

To make one drink, “add gold rum, blackberry liqueur, creme de banana liqueur, orange juice, grenadine and crushed ice in a blender.  Blend until slushy and pour into glass. Float with 1/2 oz. dark or 151 proof rum.”

Frozen Negroni

That classic European Negroni flavor just got a lot more tropical. The expert folks at SeriousEats.com tell you how to whip up a vacation in a pitcher with a batch of frozen Negroni:

4 1/2 ounces gin

2 1/2 ounces Campari

2 1/2 ounces Sweet Vermouth

3 cups ice (see note above)

Orange slices, for garnish

To make a whole pitcher, “combine gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth in an airtight container. Place in freezer and freeze for at least 8 hours…When ready to serve, add chilled alcohol and ice to blender. Blend on high speed until uniform and smooth, about 30 seconds. Pour into rocks glasses or small wine glass. Garnish with an orange slice and serve immediately.”

The Diamond Thief

This incredibly fancy summer sipper comes to us from the folks at Esquire, and is guaranteed to impress anyone you make it for. Ingredients for a two cocktail batch include:

1 cup blueberries

1 cup dry white wine

4 oz. Hum Botanical Spirit

4 oz. gin

2 oz. simple syrup

4-5 cups ice

2 oz Prosecco

1 sliced lemon

“Chill all ingredients before adding to the blender…blend long enough to yield a smooth consistency…pour into wide-mouthed glass, like a coup or a martini glass. Top with the Prosecco and a wheel of lemon.”

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